Saturday, December 17, 2011

2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate "Zuma Dogg" Exposes L.A. Housing/L.A. City Hall NONPROFIT MONEY LAUNDERING, as now alledged by City Council, D.A. & FEDS!

ZUMA DOGG ON L.A. CITY HALL NONPROFIT MONEY LAUNDERING (As L.A. City Council NOW alleges!) ZUMA DOGG (2013 L.A. City Candidate for Mayor, as 2009 L.A. City Candidate for Mayor.):

TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT: "Big concerns: That there's FEDERAL and STATE money, for the community, that's given out to non-profits. I'm concerned of the racketeering, where the money's not making it into the community. We need audits if you are getting non-profit money for the community. The problem I am talking about is not being addressed. You have a lot of fake, phoney, shill non-profits that the money is funneled into. RACKETEERING! YES! I'm here to say, 'L.A. City Hall is a racketeering factory: Fraud, waste and abuse...misrepresentation of money, both purposefully; and through no being able to accomplish anything through the bureaucracy. A vindictive, retalitory city hall. They'll try to get away with ANYTHING against the community. If you are getting money to provide services in the community, under these hard economic times, I want to make sure the money makes it INTO the community, so we WILL have to have audits." - Zuma Dogg on Fox 11 News (Feb 2009)

TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT: "I don't like what I see with the FEDERAL and STATE money for the nonprofits. I believe there is racketeering and corruption with the nonprofits, throughout the city. Zuma Dogg as mayor says, 'if you are getting money from the State and Federal government to provide services to the community, through the city, I wanna run audits, to make sure these are shill, phony non-profits, set up by the politicians with their friends and relatives. Too much of the money, I'm concerned, isn't making it INTO the community. Then the community falls into further disrepair. Then they come back and ask YOU for more, with new fees; then they RAISE those fees, after they just squandered the money."
- Zuma Dogg (3 minute "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" promo video for TV 35. 2009 Election.)



  • KEYWORD SEARCHES LINKING TO ZD'S BLOG 12/17: al villalobos+calpers, julio ramirez+wetherly, gregg hymowitz wife. [ALL ABOUT PENSION FUNDS!] about 2 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG on L.A. City Hall NonProfit MONEY LAUNDERING (AS NOW BEING EXPOSED IN MEDIA & BY L.A. CITY COUNCIL): (cont) about 2 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG ON L.A. CITY HALL NONPROFIT MONEY LAUNDERING (As L.A. City Council NOW alleges!) ZUMA DOGG (2013 L.A. (cont) about 2 hours ago
  • WANT TO KNOW WHERE the investigative hockey puck is GOING (instead of waiting till LA news media reports, AFTER), type, "Zuma Dogg Wetherly" about 3 hours ago
  • NEXT TIME a FED probe is announced into L.A. City Hall by news media, simply go to Google, type, "Zuma-Dogg (name/topic.) Posts will appear. about 3 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg writes the story, FIRST. THEN, it is investigated. And one to three years later, you read about it in L.A. Times and see on TV. about 3 hours ago
  • A PLAIN & SIMPLE FACT: ANY DA/FBI probe announced in 2011, if you type name/topic in search engine; will see ZD's posts pre-dating probe. about 3 hours ago
  • WONDER HOW I KNOW: When FBI asks, "WHY did City Hall staffer tell U?" ZD: If u see Mel/Britney drinking, u call Enquirer. LA Corruption=ZD. about 3 hours ago
  • BOY, ZD sure got an EARFUL from former Building & Safety employee on Villaraigosa vs Andrew Adelman (B&S.) Pension $ into ASBESTOS project? about 3 hours ago
  • THINGS FBI INTERVIEWED PUBLIC ABOUT: LAHD/RentEscrow, Jose Huizar's Fiesta Broadway. (Casa101?). Housing nonprofit fraud. 40 B&S inspectors. about 3 hours ago
  • FUNNIEST ZD FBI STORY: ZD, "Type 'ZD Pension Fraud" in Google & see posts." ZD checks stats=sees 3 yr old pension posts FLY to top of stats. about 3 hours ago
  • I wonder if people would wanna see a ZD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO TV SHOW: "Zuma Dogg Exposes His Conversations w FBI & FBI Informants." Pay-Per-View? about 3 hours ago
  • DEL ANGEL: When U were eyeballin' ZD, in a room you SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN, I wondered, how did you get such a PORKY PIG FACE? NOW, I know! about 3 hours ago
  • MARIA DEL ANGEL: Remember in '06, when you were staring too long into ZD's face, in front of a judge, as u perjured yourself? How's it goin? about 3 hours ago
  • FEDS & DA VINDICATE ZD!: After saying, City Hall=Laundering of nonprofit $, given for housing/services=no accountability=services denied. about 3 hours ago
  • HACLA PROBE: Maybe FEDS were looking at ONE thing, then saw something ELSE, too! (Like FBI probe of Alatorre/ADI $=Part of divorce hearing.) about 3 hours ago
  • BY ACCIDENTALLY STUMBLING UPON IT: Know how some of the BIGGEST BUSTS end up happening? ACCIDENTALLY. Looking at ONE thing, SEE ANOTHER. about 3 hours ago
  • WHY THERE IS AN INVESTIGATION IN L.A. HOUSING after all these years: A HACLA commish (named in report) perjured herself against ZD. ZD told! about 3 hours ago
  • 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election - Candidate Profile: Zuma Dogg [Los Angeles Investigative Reporter… about 4 hours ago
  • Ever have strangers walk up to you and say you are their hero? A genius? Funniest person ever? Amazing? Legend? I have=thousands of times. about 4 hours ago

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