Thursday, December 1, 2011

2013 Los Angeles City Elections: Here Are Details "Political Operative" Zuma Dogg Would Be Focusing On (Rosendahl, Garcetti, Caruso, Zine, Greuel)

You can always tell how ZD is doing, by his tweets. The more distasteful, the worse he is doing. How do I appear, today? As the calendar turned to December 1st, and rent is due on the 5th, THE REALITY IS HERE: My rent is increasing by FIVE TIMES (5X) THE AMOUNT, THIS MONTH (when I get the same amount of money from the state for my disability), JUST as we head into the holidays, and ANY HOPE that ZD has (which is usually not enough to keep LAPD from having to get involved, as they were, last Thanksgiving weekend) -- WILL BE AWAY AND BUSY. So ZD does not think he's gonna make it. I have money to eat today, and for a couple/few more days, but that rent check has to be cut -- and I AIN'T GONNA MAKE IT AT THAT POINT! (Trutanich might luck out. DEAD ZD=L.A. CITY DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY ME FOR MY DAMAGES FROM THE FEDERAL LAWSUIT I BEAT THEM IN COURT OVER, THAT HAS CAUSED MY DISABILITY!) I NEED HELP TO MAKE IT THROUGH MY DAY, THESE DAYS! (See the tweets below.)


Zuma Dogg is a mayoral candidate in the 2013 Los Angeles election, but I do not have money to hire consultants like John "Schmuck" Shallman (NAMED IN FBI INVESTIGATION OVER CAMPAIGN MONEY FRAUD) or Ace "Frehley" Smith, so ZD has to be his OWN political operative.

So here is a glimpse into the stuff ZD would be blasting out in fliers and mailers. AND, if you ARE one of these big money, political may wanna call ZD for details on where the bodies are buried and how to contact the witnesses.

And as one of my mentors used to say..."And, AWAAAAAAAAAAAY, we go!"

@ZumaDogg Tweets:
  • @Bill_Rosendahl #1 Political figure in CD11=ZD, TIRED of maintaining YOUR streets/removing human fesses, etc. WHERE IS STAFF?!?! HIRE ZD, THEN. less than a minute ago
  • SINCE @Bill_Rosendahl doesn't have anyone on staff observing streets, hire ZD "deputy" ($50/day) to "make list" for LAPD to "check twice." 2 minutes ago
  • ZD=political operative master. While racking HUGE VIEWS on Caruso post from last night, ZD posts greatest "HITS" on council in tweet column. 6 minutes ago
  • @RickCarusoLA: Posted about your possible campaign, last night at 7p. Did Google search for "Rick-Caruso." ALREADY ON FRONT PAGE! (By '13?) 8 minutes ago
  • ZD's RELATIONSHIP W CAMPAIGN POLITICAL OPERATIVES: ZD tees up the stuff others can't/won't say. Then THEY aim their hit bots on the posts. 52 minutes ago
  • @DennizPZine: Will your Chief of Staff be working on your City Controller campaign? Think about it WHAT could come out on HIM, tying to YOU? 53 minutes ago
  • Will the City Council Chief of Staff DUMB ENOUGH to order prostitutes from Glendale brothel on CITY HALL PHONE, please raise your hand? 56 minutes ago
  • ELECTIONS: No one cares if you didn't CONTROL a thing. But SECRETLY/ILLEGALLY hire PR firm to kill community project? (FBI was interested!) 58 minutes ago
  • NO ONE cares in an election if you BLEW city money via corruption till bankrupt. But if u hit kid w city vehicle, while DUI/pay for silence? about an hour ago
  • L.A. POLITICAL OPERATIVE ALERT!: Would elected official who hits kid on bike w city vehicle while DUI/pay for silence=knock em out? Call ZD. about an hour ago
  • 2 from EchoPark approached ZD @CityHall to say a CM hit kid on bike w city vehicle while DUI & paid family for silence. A LOT OF QUESTIONS! about an hour ago
  • Time for Zuma Dogg to hit the mayor '13 campaign trail. Bill Rosendahl, if I knock on your MarVista home door=ZD canvasing the neighborhood. about an hour ago
  • ZUMA DOGG: Political Operative, EXTRAORDINAIRE! When he sees HUGE BLOG VIEWS, posts the "good stuff," on Rosendahl/Huizar and what's coming! about an hour ago
  • ZD was contacted by Rosendahl neighbor. Were disturbed by Bill's nude parties w open shades. Kept asking him to close them. Offered ZD vid. about an hour ago
  • Bill R's neighbor actually tracked down ZD, IN PERSON, to say, Bill has "nude" issue. Mom asked him to close shades/wanted to give ZD video. about an hour ago
  • @JoseHuizar: How are things between you and your lovely wife? Have you patched things up since ZD posted your council blackberry love notes? about an hour ago
  • @JoseHuizar: Did you know U have moles in your office who DESPISE you and they told ZD A LOT, this year. I DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT ME! about an hour ago
  • @JoseHuizar: U get pushed around by Alatorre because you're WEAK & He KNOW THAT! U SHOULD'VE said, "Too much heat/too many watching on TV." about an hour ago
  • @JoseHuizar SCHMUCK! You pilfer HUNDRED$ OF THOUSAND$ in front of ZD's eyes, and only offer your KINGPIN a banana? So I called FBI on YOU! about an hour ago
  • NOT ABOUT SEXUALITY: ZD is a lot younger than Bill Rosendahl, but I wouldn't be comfortable in a relationship w someone THAT young, Bill!. IMMATURE about an hour ago
  • @JoseHuizar: Way to go MAFIA PUPPET! You pissed off everyone in YOUR district. NOW, they have fliers all over Venice SLAMMING YOU. CRIMINAL! about an hour ago
  • NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS to Venice/CD11 than Bill Rosendahl reelected as LAME DUCK in office. Will have his lifetime benefits/won't do a thing. about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl When Zuma Dogg knocks on front door of your HOUSE in Mar Vista, am only campaigning as Mayor Candidate w fliers. Get Ready about an hour ago
  • As the ONLY disabled candidate in '13 L.A. mayoral election, if you don't vote for me=it's only cause you discriminate against the disabled. about 15 hours ago
  • Garcetti/Perry/Greuel better not attack ZD, as LA's 1st disabled mayoral candidate, just cause they gave our housing money to billionaires. about 15 hours ago
  • I'll let the FBI handle Wendy. Let Wendy handle Eric. Let Jan handle Austin. And everyone handle Jan. ZD WALKS AWAY=MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES! about 15 hours ago
  • LOOK HOW MUCH FUN it's gonna be having ZUMA DOGG around in '13 L.A. Mayoral Election @BarackObama & Angelinos. Garcetti ain't gonna make it. about 15 hours ago
  • WENDY GREUEL will outperform ERIC GARCETTI (get more votes) for L.A. Mayor. All the women will vote for Wendy, not realizing she's a man. about 15 hours ago
  • @EricGarcetti: Guess who told ZD about your relationship w Cisenros, leading to my harping on Cityview? Greuel's staffer MADE SURE ZD KNEW! about 15 hours ago
  • Echo Park couple told ZD, at city hall, "Councilman (Blank) hit kid on bike, in city vehicle, while drunk and paid-off family for silence." about 15 hours ago
  • @BarackObama WHY would AFSCME poll, "Should AFSCME endorse BarackObama?" (Why? Are they considering SOMEONE ELSE?) Ask THEM! Their question! about 15 hours ago
  • ZEV YAROSLOVSKY: Hasn't announced mayor campaign.LOTS of connections as Supervisor, but doesn't want "Whip It" issue coming out (of closet). about 15 hours ago
  • 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election Political Analysis by Zuma Dogg (Garcetti, Greuel, Perry, Beutner… about 16 hours ago
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[Just when you think it can't get any uglier or more uncomfortable...A LONG way till 2013 elections, and like Richard Gere, "I GOT NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!!!...I GOT NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!!!"]

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