Friday, December 9, 2011

32 Time Indicted (PENDING) Councilman Richard ALARcon MOVES AGAIN...this time to run for State Legislature (He did SUCH a great job as L.A. City Councilman.)

FYI: It doesn't matter HOW MUCH bad stuff comes out about Richard alarCON, or how many times he's indicted, or how much he pushed the city toward bankruptcy with his INSANE money-pilfer-motions; like "lending" a million bucks to a museum, as it was going bankrupt. (Yes, the city LOST the money!)  And all the other things that resulted in over 30 indictments by the District Attorney...ALARcon is a "connected/made-man" (of the Valley crew-clique) -- and the MAFIA always gets their man (into office) in that area. So congrats to State Legislator Richard AlarCON. Cancel the election and save the State a million bucks. The elections in that area are not elections, but a motion the mob has to go through, for appearances.

Alarcón moves again ahead of new race
By Rick Orlov, Staff Writer

Still facing criminal charges for alleged fraud about his residency, City Councilman Richard Alarcón recently changed homes again in preparation for yet another run for the state Legislature.

Alarcón's new home in Mission Hills is still in his current City Council district, but the move brings new public attention to the residency issue, which will be heard in court in January.

Alarcón is facing prosecution for a variety of charges related to allegations that he lived in a home outside his district and lied about his residence on official documents.

He has denied the charges and claimed that a burglar squatted and vandalized his home in Panorama City, forcing him to temporarily move his family to a Sun Valley house owned by Alarcón's wife. [LOL!]

As with his other two residences, the new home is owned by his wife, Flora Montes De Oca. She also runs a business, a manufacturing facility of cable harnesses for machines. [COMMON TACTIC: Don't put any property in corrupt politician's name: THAT WAY THE FEDS CAN'T SEIZE THE PROPERTY WHEN YOU ARE BUSTED! ;-)]

The 1,800-square-foot home has three bedrooms, a fruit orchard and pool, Alarcón said, adding the family moved in after Thanksgiving. It is within the 7th Council District and also within the new boundaries of the 39th Assembly District seat he is now seeking.[GOOD IDEA NOT TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD, WHEN RUNNING FOR AN ELECTED POSITION, RICHIE! You're SMAT! Not like Huizar!]

Alarcón and his wife were charged in 2010 with voter fraud for claiming to live at a Panorama City home within the 7th Council District. District Attorney Steve Cooley said they actually lived in a Sun Valley home outside the district.

The case has been repeatedly delayed, with the next court hearing on Jan. 18, because it has been tied to a similar case filed against state Sen. Rod Wright, D-Los Angeles. [WHAT? WHY DID YOU DO THAT, STEVE?] Wright has appealed the case against him to the state Supreme Court.

A spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office said it does not matter where Alarcón lives now, because the charges were based on where he lived earlier. [You may remember, the whole ALARcon "where does he REALLY live," issue was exposed, when a TV station did an investigative report on City Councilmember DWP residential water bills (hoping to bust one or more for EXCESSIVE water usage, while calling for conservation.)

alarCON told the reporter he didn't know where his bill was. Eventually, it was revealed, it wasn't an EXCESS of water use in Mr. ALARcon's CASE, but NO WATER USE. (First indicator you don't live there.)

a-CON blamed it on a mysterious squatter, even though neighbors said no one has been in or out of the house (like the alarCONs, for a LONG time!) And the rest is indictment history. (DOH! All over a TV investigative report on water usage. That's how it USUALLY goes down. Looking for ONE thing, but these L.A. elected officials are SO CORRUPT, you can't HELP but stumble over 20 other things.

Full Story/Original Post on LA Daily News.

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