Saturday, December 24, 2011

CHRISTMAS POLITICAL COMEDY: "Santa Scandal" Embroils 2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate on Christmas! (Only a SLIGHT Parody.)

POLITICAL COMEDY COMMENTARY FOR CHRISTMAS: It all started when I saw a tweet from , where, "The Obamas" wish us all Happy Holidays (from their Hawaii resort).

So , who happens to be running in an election, as declared candidate, and registered with the L.A. Ethics Commission, as 2013 Candidate for Mayor. (I even got a "Seasons Greetings" eCard from L.A. Ethics Commission, yesterday! Which is more than Villaraigosa, Garcetti or Greuel can probably say. EACH having their own little, "issues," when it comes to campaign finance money.)

So I decided I better hop on the twitter platform and send out my own kiss-ass, "warmest, and most sincere Holiday wishes to you and yours -- and ALL THE BEST in the New Year!," in case any potential voters are reading.

THEN, ONE MINUTE LATER...@ sends out a kiss-ass, warm holiday wishes and all the best in the New Year (after DESTROYING the world [city] you live in).

It's as though Matt "Bozo" Szabo (the mayor's tweet-monkey-moron) saw Obamas' & Dogg's kiss-ass holiday wishes and said, "NOW, must be the right time," and copy and pasted The Obamas' kiss-ass holiday wishes tweet.


"SANTA SCANDAL": Zuma Dogg's 2013 Mayoral Campaign gets sidetracked on Christmas Eve, as competing political operative releases a 911 tape from 1973, when Candidate Zuma Dogg called the police, on suspicion that a man (Santa Claus) was going to be breaking into homes, throughout the city, though chimneys. Mr. Dogg is forced to respond to the media on Christmas Eve, to remind the press, he was only three years old, at the time, and his MOM LIED TO HIM!!!! (She said, Santa was waiting for me to go to sleep, so he could slide down the chimney, and put out presents.) SEE ERIC GARCETTI...I can blame my MOM, too...just like YOU DID in LA Daily News when you were BUSTED and found GUILTY by the L.A. Ethics Dept. (NO SEASONS GREETINGS CARD FOR YOU!)


[WARNING: Turn down speaker volume,  A LOT! But check it out. A TOP ZD CLIP OF ALL TIME!]

AS CANDIDATE, better to get out of way: YES, when I was 3, I called 911 on Santa, cause I heard he was gonna break into homes thru chimney.

HERE'S HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN: (Read from bottom up.)

AS CANDIDATE, better to get out of way, now: YES, when I was 3, I called 911 on Santa, cause I heard he was gonna break into homes thru chimney.

STATEMENT from candidate ZUMA DOGG on "Santa Scandal": I don't remember calling 911 on Santa for suspicion he was gonna break in. I was 3.

RT : Scandal rocks Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg's 2013 campaign. Called 911 for Santa breaking in to home in 1973, when he was 3.

Don't wanna sidetrack my campaign w Cain-like scandal. When I was FOOLED to think Santa, HIMSELF, BROKE IN to put out gifts, I WAS ONLY 3!

As investigative gadfly=I APOLOGIZE/being FOOLED to think Santa/HIMSELF, was waiting for me to fall asleep, to put out gifts, when I was 3.

ZD's X-MAS MEMORIES: 3 yrs old/still believed in Santa/my mom peeking in=making sure I was sleeping to put out gifts. (NOT to let Santa in!)

I REFUSE to allow the mayor's kiss-ass "best holiday wishes" tweet to bottle cap mine. So again, MERRY X-MAS/BEST WISHES 4 NEW YEAR FROM ZD!

RT Merry Christmas to you & your family. Best wishes for New Year. (Ha, ha! I tweeted MY kiss-ass holiday tweet 1 min ago!)

I'd like to send my deepest, warmest and most sincere, personal Holiday wishes to all, (voters) from L.A. 2013 Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg.

NOT to be outdone, by all the OTHER politicians running for office, I'd like to wish each and every one of you, sincere Holiday Wishes. - ZD

RT : "From our family (in Hawaii at resort) to yours, Merry Christmas" -First Lady Michelle Obama:

"Season's Greetings" Holiday Card from Los Angeles City Ethics Commission (Zuma Dogg Got One. Did Eric Garcetti?

[PICTURED: As U Can See: Santa forgave me. Here we are at a reunion, and he promised he is going to vote for me for L.A. Mayor in 2013, and is going to leave a ZD campaign flier in every X-MAS stocking, for kid's parents! I hope YOU can forgive me, too, for this one time, terrible error in judgement. Again, I was only three. I take FULL responsibility, and promise it won't happen, again.]  

[And, P.S.: Is it still POSSIBLE, at this point, anymore, to thank everyone who DID do the "heavy lifting" this year, helping to keep this blog functioning, almost 50% of the time! Thank you, very much and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR COMING UP! But, I STILL can't be a phony. DAMN, is next year gonna be a DISASTER for City of Los Angeles. From a trash collection standpoint, alone. Again, Merry X-MAS, before it turns into a rant!]

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