Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Did Wells Fargo Bank Just Turn Zuma Dogg Into A REAL OCCUPIER, by CHEATING A State Disagonsed Disabled Person, Out Of STATE DISABILITY MONEY?

When I make a special trip into the bank branch, to sit down with the person behind the desk, to explain things to me...and then ZD trips over a he makes a trip back to the bank...and they fix the flaw...and ZD walks out of the bank with the bank staffer telling me, "ZD is A-OK, and ready to go," -- then he gets hit with MASSIVE OVERDRAFTS, the next day...and then I go back to the bank, TODAY...and the same bank staffer suddenly sounds like an L.A. City Councilmember, or Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (they are under FBI investigation)...time to kick off, "The Zuma Dogg Show," with an UN-PEACEFUL...NICE AND LOUD, FIRST AMENDMENT, FREE SPEECH EXPRESSION, ON THE SIDEWALK, OFF THE WELLS FARGO PROPERTY. And in ZD's FIRST OCCUPIER VICTORY...HE MADE THE BRANCH CLOSE!!...(the door.) HA, HA!!! ENJOY ALL THAT STALE AIR, NOW...WELLS FARGO BRANCH! (ZD is reasonable. He has made seemingly infinite overdraft charges, over the years...and I know when I am paying the price for "convenience," (overdraft protection fees.) BUT I REALLY WALKED OUT THE DOOR...REALLY MAKING IT COMICAL...IN THE WAY I WAS ASSURING THAT EVERYTHING WAS OK! (Even adding, "Thank you...I've been duly warned!) AND THEN...100% DIFFERENT STORY, IN REALITY! EVERYTHING THEY TELL ME, TURNS OUT TO BE, "Oh, no, that's no right," the next day, in a casual, no big deal way. (LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION ENSUES, REAL QUICK, WHEN YOU ARE SSI DISABLED!!!) It's like KFI reporting "Venice will now only be a place for jewelery," and LA Times saying, "Henna tattoos are still ok," at Venice Beach...when BOTH are banned under the new ordinance. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BE ACCURATE!?!?! I TRY TO BE!

@ZumaDogg Tweets:
  • WAY TO GO #WELLSFARGO! You woke up a sleeping dogg. L.A. City Council did that to me, once. Read All About It!: less than a minute ago
  • I believe #WellsFargo engages in unfair/unethical practices, if not violation of fair practice laws. I wonder what #OBAMA #HOLDER would say? 2 minutes ago
  • @OccupyLA One-man Occupy forefather, #ZumaDogg Shuts Wells Fargo Branch. MAKES THEM SHUT DOOR, as ZD has UN-PEACEFUL protest on sidewalk! ;) less than a minute ago
  • Good Evening, #WellsFargo Corporate Executives: My name is Zuma Dogg, from Los Angeles. YOU will becoming aware of this blog and of me. 3 minutes ago
  • @WellsFargo: HAVE YOU HEARD OF COMPUTER FORENSIC EVIDENCE? A trail has been left online, and on computers at the branch bank. #FBI 8 minutes ago
  • I BELIEVE SOMETHING FALLING UNDER #FRAUD happened to ZD, today, by #WellsFargo #Bank. ZD may have it looked into. Obama/FEDS would LOVE IT! 11 minutes ago
  • ZD=IN BIG, BIG, BIG TROUBLE NOW!: Wells Fargo tellers ASSURED/GUARANTEED ZD one thing in person; then I got hit with TONS of overdraft fees. 13 minutes ago
  • IF #FBI checked practices of #WellsFargo #BANK, might find they CHEAT #DISABLED PEOPLE! Tell 'em ONE THING in person=ANOTHER THING HAPPENS! 15 minutes ago

MORE TO COME?...I hope this issue doesn't consume me, and turn me into a REAL Occupier.

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