Sunday, December 4, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: "The Zuma Dogg Show" BOOTLEG Video Clips [BLOGGED FOR THE FIRST TIME!] L.A. City Cable TV Classic ("Brain-seizing Artistry" - LA Weekly)

I've been told I'm the greatest comedy improv genius, of all time, so many times, it's become nothing but PURE BITTERNESS! Been a decade since I recorded these clips, LIVE on the streets of L.A. County. Do they stand the test of time? Here is what I was up to, BEFORE, the City of L.A. over-saturated my comedy-cranium with five years of illegal FEDERAL violations. Cause you DON'T see much of THIS kind of stuff, anymore. It's called, "BOOTLEGS," cause it's recorded off the TV with a camera, and you can see some reflection in the background, off the TV screen. But, you'll get the point: THIS IS ACTUALLY THE TYPE OF CONTENT THAT WAS COMPLETELY INNOVATIVE, in the year 2000. And it's probably still hilarious, in the year 2012. I LOVE THESE CLIPS...but keep in IS the "B" material, since it never made it onto YouTube.

This one is NOT from L.A. It's from Cleveland, when I was visiting my family, and a certain boy band came to Cleveland Stadium. ZD had to show up to try to rain on the parade! And you can see early hints of ZD's "Occupy LA" videos, in this possibly EVEN MORE DANGEROUS TRL setting! (Gotta watch those rabid N'Sync fans!)

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