Friday, December 9, 2011

iRadioLIVE Presents Catch up on the LATEST Crime in Venice...AS IT IS HAPPENING via LAPD Radio Scanner Monitor Tweets

Welcome to Venice, CA 90291. Bill Rosendahl is current councilman. Antonio Villaraigosa is current mayor. is based in Venice, CA. And there is a sister blog, down the street, They monitor the LAPD radio scanner, and "fixed" the scanner to even pick up the "non-public" channels. As crime is happening in Venice, it is tweeted @Venice311 and blogged at will post an @Venice311 daily update. Here's the first one, with most recent tweets: (Mrs. your heart out. You WISH they had this technology in the 70's!) And, oh yeah...a lot of people like the comedy comment, sideshow. The tweeter takes great pleasure in the busting of illegal activity that runs rampant over the streets of Venice. (Which is why we both stay inside and tweet/blog, all day/night=the rampantness!)

@Venice311 Tweets:
  • LAPD Scanner: Venice & Ocean, multiple male vandalism suspects. about 19 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Drunk female goes ballistic in taxi- causes over $1000 in damage to interior near Pacific and Rose. about 19 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: From Culver City PD, 2 male blacks, armed robbery at Midway and Venice fled in Silver vehicle. Stole cell phone using force about 20 hours ago
  • Heard you guys had a monster heroin bust a few weeks ago! Don't take no MESS, especially from Venice! about 20 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: SUPER drunk female vandalizing property at 300 Pacific Ave... and we mean SOOPER DRUNK. about 20 hours ago
  • Attempt armed robbery: Westwood & National, white m 5'10, blk hoodie red bandana fled in Gold Toyota. 2nd susp captured w Sawed off shotgun about 20 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Male white, red bandana, black hoodie, scar over eye, w shotgun fled Westwood and National... may head our way. Eyes alive. about 20 hours ago
  • Mad props to Three Stripes! Negotiated and safely talked the suspect out with no weapons... and now is back to the beach! about 20 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Neighbors clear to enter neighborhood at 800 block of Rose. LAPD has cleared multiple machete's and pellet guns from property about 21 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Machete also in custody. about 21 hours ago
  • @RealityLibby Alley clear... house clear... getting back to regularly scheduled loud SMO air traffic momentarily. about 21 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Machete-man in custody. LAPD clearing house.... phew! Sorry @acitrano Hope you didn't get too far! about 21 hours ago
  • Ladies and gentlemen, suspect is in custody. about 21 hours ago
  • Officer approaching suspect about 21 hours ago
  • Suspect walking out with NO weapon.... about 21 hours ago
  • Update 10:32 p.m. : Still holding machete. I'm claiming it's not rated in the top #10 suicide methods. about 21 hours ago
  • Vote now! Bean bag rifle or tazer? about 21 hours ago
  • Now machete-man is uber-pissed at person on phone, which is his cousin who is talking w LAPD. He's screaming at him. about 22 hours ago
  • Recap: Manic pacing chain mocking kook w machete and professed shotgun and he's pissed, chippy w LAPD . Finish phrase: "I fought the law &... about 22 hours ago
  • Lincoln and Rose currently closed for pending potential aggressive human landscaping about 22 hours ago
  • Airship about to announce the PC equivalent of "Stop being a stone cold fool and surrender" to machete-wielding jackass. about 22 hours ago
  • Suspect now back in house, has not gone all "Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith" with the machete yet. Keeps pacing manic style. about 22 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Suspect has now swapped cigarette for a cell phone. Also, still holding machete. about 22 hours ago
  • LAPD prepared to spread some holiday joy to the jackass w the machete on Rose via beanbag rifle if necessary. He's yelling at officers. about 22 hours ago
  • Now Rose Ave freakazoid has a machete and he is telling officers he has a shotgun. Not the brightest move on his part. Just my opinion. about 22 hours ago
  • LAPD has perimeter around house on 800 block of Rose. White dude with a machete that was raging w it in traffic casually holding it + smokin about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Suspect has emerged from house at 800 block of Rose... white guy, smoking, dressed in black. Oh, yeah, he also has a MACHETE. about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Airship is over 800 block of Rose, drowning out the noise from the Santa Monica airport with an alternative :) about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: LAPD is about to block all eastbound traffic at Lincoln and Rose to look for armed kook. about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Whole situation developing over at Rose looking for dude w a gun. or a wrench. or a baseball bat. about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: GREAT now you've done it... AIRSHIP is on the way to look for freak-o with a gun on Rose, and to hopefully buzz Who Fo about 23 hours ago
  • LAPD Scanner: Witness has eyes on the wingnut at 800 Rose, going apeshit in and out of traffic. LAPD on scene. about 23 hours ago
  • So the girl who OD'd in the bathrooms last night at Brooks and OFW, got arrested tonight for having a $50,000 warrant. Has 1 yr old baby. about 23 hours ago via

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