Saturday, December 10, 2011 - Global TV Remix: Euro-Zone Talks, Spotify Launches Online Radio To Take On Pandora, Zuma Dogg w L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa & N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg's Holiday Press Party Backlash (12/10/11)

Zuma Dogg Presents: iRadioLIVE - World TV Remix.

If you watch U.S. cable news networks, it's 99% the same three stories (with different angles on the story) -- and U.S. talk radio is even worse. (They basically recap the three stories the cable news channels already over-saturated.

HERE'S an example of what I would like to see in a half hour, based on scanning various news and financial channels, from across the globe, since we're in a global economy. And this is the Super Bowl of money, this week, with the Euro-Zone talks. (It DOES and WILL have impact across the U.S. and with your own local municipality.

(NOTE: The mic cord shorted out, so I'm using the cheesy web-cam mic=the audio on the Zuma Dogg into and cut-ins in between clips isn't that good; but I hope you enjoy the concept of this pilot episode of iRadioLIVE - Global TV Remix. The news clip cutaways sound good, and that's the main part.)
Eat your heart out,

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