Friday, December 23, 2011 Hilarious L.A. Talk Show on Obama's "Tax Cut Extension" Propaganda Campaign on Twitter -- AND THINGS YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SPEND THE $40 ON! FEDERAL GUIDELINES ON HOLIDAY CONSUMER SPENDING!]

15 MINUTE RADIO SHOW: Local investigative blogger, and U.S.A.'s most entertaining and informative political talker, ZUMA DOGG, has a COMEDY FIELD day, over Obama's Human Props, who sent tweets on what $40 means to them. And in the process, L.A. & U.S.A. fraud, waste & abuse is exposed. Along with a lot more corruption, at the HIGHEST of level...and you need a passport to get to the top. AND, remember...when your local city take FEDERAL money, for things like rail projects, housing and non-profits; they place guidelines and restrictions on how the money can be spent. If you take the money, and do not comply, the FEDS will penalize you with fines, possible criminal indictments and may be cut off from future  money. Zuma Dogg Reviews The Guidelines on HOW the Money SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be spent. I guess ZD is a hybrid political party: Conservative Communist.

See the rest of this week's radio shows on right hand column of this blog. Scroll player for all shows. Palm Beach has Rush Limabugh/EIB (Excellence In Broadcasting). Venice Beach has Zuma Dogg/LBB (Low Budget Broadcasting).

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