Sunday, December 4, 2011

L.A. CIty News "Week In Review" by Zuma Dogg: HOT WEEK OF BLOGGING! NEW STORY (12/4/11) ON "Thin Skinned-Bully" CARMEN TRUTANICH - He's Off The Rails of Ozzy's "Crazy Train!"

DECEMBER 2011: HOLIDAYS are the LAST thing on my mind. My rent increased by FIVE TIMES the amount (Previous Rent Payment x 5=ZD SCREWED!) It is NOT a mistake. YES, they were able to do that. (I was paying extra low rent, and now it "adjusted" to a higher rate.

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS (OR TEN YEARS, if you are original ZD Show cable TV watcher), by AT LEAST sending $1.00 (one dollar) via PayPal, so I know you are reading and at least make the TECHNICAL effort of going through the PayPal motions...I WANT TO SEE FEEDBACK!!!! AND NOT IN THE FORM OF, "HANG IN THERE/KEEP GOING/YOU HAVE A LOT TO OFFER/PEOPLE RELY ON YOUR STUFF!!!! NOPE!!!!! I WANT ACTION!!! IF YOU CAN'T SENT $100, $20 or $10...SEND $1 DOLLAR, JUST SO I KNOW MY PAYPAL LINK WORKS AND PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO USE IT!


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