Friday, December 9, 2011

L.A. TOURISM VIDEO: Witness Captures Hollywood Gunman, Firing at Car Driving Down Street (via


Video by William Wiles (12/9/11 - Hollywood, CA)

* Intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street.
* A young gunman in a white shirt firing randomly at cars.
* Wiles, a student, said he began recording video on his iPhone.
* This brief video, shows a man in the intersection firing a shot at a pickup truck.
* Gunman was "being crazy and spastic," Wiles said, adding that he heard the man yelling.
* Gunman started shooting with no apparent motive.
* He was killed on Vine Street by LAPD bullets (saving money for a trial!)
*  40-year old man in silver Mercedes Benz was shot in the jaw. In critical condition, police said.
* A witness said man was standing in middle of intersection, "shooting randomly at cars and in the air."
* Plainclothes officer emerge from squad car/order the gunman to get on the ground and surrender.
* The gunman appeared to ignore him. 
* Gunman was screaming he was going to die and that he wanted to die," witness said.
* Witness: Man had a knife and gun. He acted like he was going to grab his gun and was shot by the officer.


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