Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MEDIA ALERT: Read REAL Legal Argument (NOT Zuma Dogg's) on WHY LAMC 42.15 (Venice Beach Boardwalk Regulations) is SEVERELY CONSTITUTIONALLY FLAWED

A lot of misinformation and perceptions, out there, regarding Venice Beach LAMC 42.15 (Boardwalk Regulations.)

Sounds good to go out there and say, "It's unsafe and the businesses are having a hard time, surviving because of the west side performers, artists and vendors."

But, ironic, in an attempt to restore free speech, constitutional protections, the City of Los Angeles is violating them, to do so. Maybe that's because...IT'S ALL ABOUT ONE THING: The retail stores on east if Zuma Dogg shirts and the Crystal Lady is the root of their economic woes.

So, I wanted to give my readers a chance to see the type of legalese arguments, ZD gets to see..before he goes shootin' his mouth of, on how shady this whLinkole thing is. REMEMBER: This is L.A. City Hall: NOTHING IS EVERY WHAT THEY SAY IT IS! Here is a glimpse into REAL CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL TALK, on only a portion of the violations:

ZUMA INSIDER/EXCLUSIVE TWEET: Read REAL legal analysis of Venice 42.15 CONSTITUTIONAL FLAWS: [A ZD "Mega-Tweet"]

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