Saturday, December 31, 2011

NOW STREAMING: Zuma Dogg's New Year's Eve Music Stream & Shared Playlists []

[8PM NOTE: Wi-fi keeps getting knocked off. Instead of LIVE stream, pick a shared playlist from below.]

Welcome to Zuma Dogg's iRadioLIVE - New Year's Eve Music  Shared Playlists. Hit the play arrow on embedded player on top right column of this blog -- for LIVE stream of mostly 70s/80s & 90s (Pop/Dance/Funk/Rock/Alternative/New Wave) for a FUN, mainstream, mass-appeal music mix. (ZD's version of Jack-FM for NEW YEAR'S EVE.) ALSO: More CUSTOM music mixed on the "Shared Playlist" link. 

DJ ZUMA DOGG - New Years Eve Music Playlists (SHARED/PUBLIC):

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Zuma Dogg spent many a New Years Eve, programming the music America listened to on Top-40 radio, as music director (music selector) for TOP Top-40s, across U.S. Luckily, now I can avoid the "dumber than city councilmember" corporate types, who would always have to throw some tomatoes into the mix. HERE ARE A FEW PLAYLISTS WITHOUT THE CLEAR CHANNEL MORONS SCREWING UP MY GOOD WORK: Will add new playlists throughout the day. Hopefully, you'll LOVE at least one of them. If you think they sound's the only thing I've ever been PAID to do. And I went from Toledo, Ohio to NYC Times Square. ZD=RATINGS MAGNET! Hope you enjoy as the ratings proved the rest of America did! - ZD

Zuma Dogg's Playlists (5)

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