Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RADIO SPECIAL: "2011 Best of L.A. Daily Blog by Zuma Dogg (Pt 1)" [Worst of L.A. City Hall 2011]

Here's the 30 minute radio special based on Zuma Dogg Presents - "Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2011 (Pt 1)" and Zuma Dogg Presents - "Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2011 (Pt 2)".

ALSO FROM 12/22/11:       Zuma Dogg recaps TOP issues leading to D.A. & FBI investigations into Los Angeles City Hall in 2011. Also, Zuma Dogg discusses his calls to FBI agents and conversations with FBI informants over the past year, predicting what to expect regarding news you will hear, see and read, elsewhere in 2012. That's how it's been for the past five years. Why should year six be any different. I'm still a gadfly with CURRENT AND LIVE FEDERAL CASE AGAINST JOHN SHALLMAN'S BOSS...CARMEN TRUTANICH! And Zuma Dogg's FIRST prediction of 2012, is you will hear Trutanich's consultant is being questioned by FEDS! BY FAR, this is ZD's most compelling radio show, as he describes conversations he had with FBI agents and their informants; and how he learns a lot when he talks to them, based on things THEY say/ask.

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