Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Season's Greetings" Holiday Card from Los Angeles City Ethics Commission (Zuma Dogg Got One! Villaraigosa Was NAUGHTY...HE Didn't Get One!)


[WARNING: Turn down speaker volume,  A LOT! But check it out. A TOP ZD CLIP OF ALL TIME!]

Zuma Dogg was a good 2013 L.A. City Mayoral Candidate: He didn't raise any money in 2011, cause he's 100% grass roots and it's not up to him to spend tons of money to get the word out. HE'S the one with the info and answers...and THE CITY is the one who needs it. In lieu of a digital Clear Channel billboard (iHeartBillboards) on Eric Garcetti's new Hollywood Mega-Density, and very intelligent and elegant SKYSCRAPER...he has this blog. So, Zuma Dogg didn't get busted for campaign money laundering, this year, unlike the US Conference of Mayor President & L.A. City Political Mascot Antonio Villaraigosa did. And my departments, commissioners and council is not under FBI investigation...SO HE GET'S A CARD, Y'ALL! VILLARAIOGSA...YOURS must have gotten lost in the mail. And Eric Garcetti...if YOU didn't get one, go ask you mom what happened. Remember you got BUSTED by Ethics for campaign violations, and blamed it on her? Not very "leaderly" to not take responsibility for your own campaign. NOT a good sign for a mayoral candidate. NO CARD FOR YOU!

Seasons GreetingsSeason’s Greetings
from the
Los Angeles City Ethics Commission 

Warm wishes for holidays and a new year filled with joy!

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