Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zuma Dogg Presents - "Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2011 (Pt 1)"

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  • 2011: FBI PROBES LA HOUSING: ZD's Late 2010 Posts That Brought About: http://t.co/e5B3y9vq, http://t.co/rawk8qpy, http://t.co/BDpwZUHX about a minute ago

  • 2011 VIDEO: ZD Busts LA CITY @VENICEBEACH After FED VICTORY: Pt 1) http://t.co/GdqfU0oI, Pt 2) http://t.co/HaGSk15Q 10 minutes ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS LAPD at Police Commission meeting on TV, for selective enforcement @VeniceBeach. http://t.co/bWasGyph 15 minutes ago
  • 2011: ZumaCAM angle of ZD Public Comment on LAHD/REAP, as NOW investigated by FBI: http://t.co/AjY6odpU (Jan 2010/FBI investigations, NOW!) 17 minutes ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS L.A. City Councilman Alacron on 30+ Indictments of District Attorney. SMOKER!: http://t.co/TrfJHZZA 20 minutes ago
  • 2011: Public Comment (Jan): Quality & Productivity Czar, ZD, calls for FEDERAL OVERSIGHT of Villaraigosa FEDERAL MONEY! http://t.co/yMKq2Urx 25 minutes ago
  • HERE'S A SONG BY ZD YOU PROBABLY HAVEN'T HEARD: "Take Back The City, Take Back City Hall": 

  • GOOD VIDEO on OBAMA'S ECONOMIC POLICY (BAD VIDEO, if you are Obama): Wall Street Insider Speaks Out - http://t.co/TKmv145Q 32 minutes ago
  • GOOD BLOG POST: @LADragnet post on L.A. Shitty Attorney Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich. This one, his BULLY side. http://t.co/Nkexbo8i 42 minutes ago
  • If I'd guess, based on searches linking to my blog, I'd say John Shallman, DWP/Taylor Yard, Villar Pension Commissioners (Wetherly)=FEDS! about an hour ago
  • 2011: The first year ZD calls FBI, directly, to give info provided by city insiders (employees), directing them to my news blog. THEY READ? about an hour ago
  • 2011: Zuma Dogg calls FBI for first time, after having enough free speech violations during council meetings, to tell them a few things. about an hour ago
  • 2011: After ZD said SINCE DAY ONE, "City Hall is a FEDERAL money laundering factory, in cahoots w phony non-profits, Council said it in Dec! about an hour ago

  • 2011: After appearances during televised council appearances, radio calls & blogging, ZD's claims of RACKETEERING validated by FBI probes! about an hour ago
  • 2011: ALL ABOUT FEB! Garcetti banned me: I WENT STRAIGHT TO OBAMA/HOLDER/FBI w 5 yr summary of PENSION & HOUSING FRAUD! Seeing effects, now! about an hour ago
  • 2011 RECAP: Ask Villaraigosa: Feb was ZD's most BRUTAL blogging, ever: Garcetti banned me=I went on LAHD/REAP & PENSION FRENZY for a MONTH! about an hour ago
  • REMEMBER: They say, "laughter is the best medicine," and 1000s of people SWEAR, Zuma Dogg is the funniest person they've ever seen. Thanks! about an hour ago
  • 42.15: How come ALL focus on boardwalk crowding is over people in spaces; when STORES (EAST) take up 1/3 sidewalk w street signage/displays? about an hour ago
  • I wonder if the FBI is investigating DWP for overcharging customers? about 2 hours ago

  • Hope McFarlane didn't invest pension$. Should NOT be invested in this risky, speculative, unnecessary project, -ZD on Grand Ave '07. It was! about 2 hours ago
  • MY BEST COMEDY WRITING: LONG before it was OFFICIALLY "DEAD IN THE DIRT" here's ZD's analysis of Grand Ave Project: http://t.co/I4i6nxmQ about 3 hours ago
  • BEFORE LACERS (pension) admitted they lost -20% of fund (SEVERAL BILLIONS), ZD was WARNING PUBLIC/COUNCIL, money invested in phony projects. about 3 hours ago
  • ONLY ONE ON RECORD: NO ONE in L.A. HISTORY raised MORE AWARENESS on Federal money washing via nonprofits (as council now admits) than Zuma! about 3 hours ago
  • HOW COME LAST mayoral race, Zuma Dogg was ONLY CANDIDATE calling attention to SERIOUS ISSUE of Villaraigosa COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS? NOW=FBI about 3 hours ago
  • Wonder why L.A.activists & neighborhood council ALLOWED "Special Event Fee" waivers for BIG BIZ. (MONEY for community.) ZD put STOP to THAT! about 3 hours ago
  • Wonder why The People of L.A. (front line activists/Neighborhood Councilmembers) ALLOWED Council to ban cameras at meeting. ZD CHANGED THAT! about 3 hours ago
  • "Smart Growth" is "Dumb Growth." Infrastructure can't support. City won't be able to afford to operate. You are not belt tightening." ZD/'07 about 3 hours ago
  • "Subprime will cause a housing bubble burst, that will cause a recession, next year, likes that we have never seen." -ZD May '07 to Council. about 3 hours ago
  • Every once and a while, a song comes along..."Stay Away," by Charles Bradley. From new Nirvana cover LP, "Newermind." Sounds like 70's soul! about 3 hours ago

  • ZD's "Dicken's Trip." Was up at 4am, rollin' around, having memories of my life back to AGE TWO. 1st night of Hanukka? Was Dickens Jewish? about 4 hours ago
  • "Please continue to HOLD, for PROMPT assistance." What ZD heard on hold calling store. A violation of Deming's 14 Pts. EMPTY EXHORTATION! about 4 hours ago
  • Business & people EVACUATING L.A. (population reducing)=LAST THING L.A. needs is MEGA-HOLLYWOOD DEVELOPMENT. ALL about union jobs for Eric. about 4 hours ago
  • HOLLYWOOD MEGA-DEVELOPMENT: "Density," is "Density." ZD says nothing, "Elegant" about density. Tell it to traffic, crime & bursting pipes. about 4 hours ago
  • RT @Bill_Rosendahl: Wishing my constituents a happy and prosperous 2012! [Why, are you resigning in 2012? Otherwise, no chance.] about 5 hours ago

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