Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zuma Dogg Presents - "Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2011 (Pt 2)"

@ZumaDogg Tweets:
  • "I don't trust him, at all. He's a fox in sheep's clothing. When he walks into the room, I watch my back." Bill Rosendahl on Herb Wesson. less than a minute ago
  • Hi! I'm Herb Wesson Housing Chair over LAHD/REAP. FBI now investigating dept. All 3 FBI bribe busts were out of my district. Make me Prez! about a minute ago
  • Hi! I'm Herb Wesson. All the FBI busts for bribe taking, is out of my district. Already in hot water over redistricting. Gonna fuck w Parks. 3 minutes ago
  • Hi! I'm Eric Garcetti. I know traffic is INSANE; Hollywood pipe just burst; LA can't remove trash/MORE '12 service reductions=MORE DENSITY! 4 minutes ago
  • I'm Eric Garcetti. Business & People left L.A. in RECORD #'s under my Prez tenure. Can't remove trash/service cuts/closures. MORE DENSITY! 6 minutes ago
  • MAKE NO MISTAKE: After businesses & people LEFT L.A., LAST thing needed is Hollywood DENSITY PROJECT. About union jobs for Eric's campaign. 8 minutes ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: ZD Prevented From Free Speech by #OccupyLA CULT MOB. (Free Speech Group, Prevents Free Speech of OTHERS!) http://t.co/FlpRDHQ2 10 minutes ago
  • VIDEO: Zuma "Crazy Gideon" Dogg's Last Minute Christmas (& Hanukkah) $5 Dollar Gift Store - ADVERTISEMENT(?): http://t.co/ICcBMdOu 13 minutes ago
  • 2011: Comedy Meets Tragedy - Zuma Dogg @OccupyLA cult encampment. LA Weekly coverage: http://t.co/u2zND0fv, http://t.co/xRk47Gd7 24 minutes ago
  • 2011: After 2 LAPD 5150 evaluations for ZD "Over-The-Topness," LAPD Sarges (old & new) get smart & say, "I'll get you some pizza." CHEAPER! 28 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: You say, "not about ME, all about WE! " WE want B Parks to REMAIN Budget&Finance Chair. WE need adult in the room among dunces. 34 minutes ago
  • 2011: Villaraigosa MOLE becomes ZD informant/"research pitbull." Connects pension dots out of NOWHERE. Info from Huizar/Garcetti moles, too. 45 minutes ago
  • 2011: ZD GOT SMART=Instead of MISERABLE trip DOWNTOWN to alert FBI on TV35 (HOPING they'd see), I JUST PICKED UP PHONE,and directed to blog! 50 minutes ago
  • 2011: FBI agent tells ZD, "he just went upstairs to tell the boss the information you just gave him." (PENSION FRAUD!) Posts went thru roof! 52 minutes ago
  • 2011: FBI agent tells ZD, "The file on info you gave me on @Wendy_Greuel has been passed up ladder to person who knows more on City Hall." 54 minutes ago
  • MORE FED NEWS IN '12: HACLA (Del Angel/Montiel), LAHD/REAP/Systematic Code Enforcement, DWP/Taylor Yard, Pension Commissioners, J Shallman. 55 minutes ago
  • 2011: ZD's TOP POLITICAL MESSAGE as L.A. Activist: PENSION FRAUD is the cause of City Hall's budget mess. FBI probe in '12 will prove it. 57 minutes ago
  • 2011: ZD's TOP Message as public L.A. City activist: ZD=NOTHING w/out Collective Consciousness of The People/6th Sense. BEING VERY LITERAL. 59 minutes ago
  • 2011: TOP 3 MOST WEALTHIEST PEOPLE TO TWEET @ZumaDogg: Newt Gingrich, Austin Beutner, Rick Caruso. (All recently, too!) about an hour ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: After meeting w someone claiming to be FBI informant (w good info to back claim) ZD recaps ALL! http://t.co/avzgCq0i about an hour ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: After not being called to ask Villaragiosa question on pension, Operative ZD has pal ask question: http://t.co/00fMTVRU about an hour ago
  • 2011 VIDEO: Mayoral Candidate ZD Has To Call In To National Radio Show, To Set Record Straight on Debate Moderation: http://t.co/Y1bkyaIr about an hour ago
  • 2011: #3 Most Viewed/Best Response of the Year: ZumaDogg Harassed by CBS TV Crew On Way To CVS To Get His Meds: http://t.co/QvnA5Emf about 2 hours ago
  • 2011: Most Viewed Video of The Year - ZD EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of #RedHotChiliPeppers @Venice. ZD=EXCLUSIVE ACCESS! http://t.co/AKA1zX81 about 2 hours ago
  • 2011: Can't do "Best of" w/out posting #2 Most Watched Video of the year: LISA HERNANDEZ & EXCLUSIVE ZD BootyCAM!: http://t.co/06W44S2o about 2 hours ago
  • READ MORE: Zuma Dogg Presents - "Best of L.A. Daily Blog - 2011 (Pt 1)" http://t.co/gI4R9FxF about 2 hours ago

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