Thursday, January 12, 2012

2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate "Zuma Dogg" on Fox-11 "Good Day LA" (Putting A SMILE on Jillian's Face! That's ONE Vote!)

ElectZumaRT @DemingSOS: “People consistently act inconsistently, unaware of the contradiction between their #espoused theory & their #theory-in-use."
Thu Jan 12 - 10:26:34 pm
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ElectZumaWhen I ran for mayor, got to say THIS in LATimes!: "If I have ONE message to deliver to LA registered voters, it is vote 'no' on Measure B."
Thu Jan 12 - 10:00:17 pm
ElectZumaThanks to "Quality Digest" for publishing my "14 Points," that @TonyRobbinswrote me to call, "fabulous."
Thu Jan 12 - 9:54:50 pm
ElectZumaThanks to world's most renowned "Quality & Productivity" consultant, ever, Dr. W. Edwards Deming for saying, "Well Done," to ZD's "14 Pts."
Thu Jan 12 - 9:51:31 pm
ElectZumaThanks @BarackObama for following @ZumaDogg. Thanks @NewtGingrich@AustinBeutner @RIckCarusoLA for sending ZD personal tweets, recently.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:49:17 pm
ElectZumaThank you @LAWeekly for crediting @ZumaDogg for fighting city hall til they were forced to follow Brown Act and allow recording of meetings.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:46:39 pm
ElectZumaI'm proud @ZumaDogg is credited for exposing LA Housing CORRUPTION, on-record/blog, until #FBI opened investigation. #REAP #CodeEnforcement
Thu Jan 12 - 9:45:16 pm
ElectZumaAm proud I spoke out on "Special Event Fee Waiver" abuse @LACityCouncil "on record," until City Hall ENDED IT! Went on for yrs before ZD!
Thu Jan 12 - 9:42:50 pm
ElectZumaI am proud for being single biggest foil in PREVENTING CRA's BIGGEST project, EVER: Grand Ave Project. Exposed pension $ & LAWeekly article.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:40:33 pm
ElectZumaI am proud of my record for speaking out, "on the record," against more shady CRA/LA projects than any single person in L.A. City history.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:38:16 pm
ElectZuma@LACityCouncil: #Trutanich spent WAY too much time yesterday WHINING to Steve Cooley about @ZumaDogg & @LADragnet. MAKE HIM WORK FOR L.A.!
Wed Jan 11 - 5:50:04 am
ElectZumaJob of mayor is to take feedback from front line (city workers) how City Hall can help them do better jobs, to improve efficiency=THEY KNOW!
Tue Jan 10 - 10:53:01 pm
ElectZuma@WendyGreuel @DennisZine@CarmenTrutanich @Trutanich4DA @LACityCouncil ask for your vote, to lead city w vision, but ZD signed up the names/They had none.
Tue Jan 10 - 7:34:02 pm
ElectZumaSERVING THE UNIVERSE, from the edge of Santa Monica State Beach! @ZumaDoggpresents Wide range of City info & analysis.
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