Monday, January 2, 2012

BREAKING REPORTS: Los Angeles Arson Suspect (Mr. Ponytail) DETAINED In Back Of Police Car [DEVELOPING...]

4:00 AM - RT @LAFD: *UPDATE: * ARSON FIRES * A person of interest has been detained and is being questioned. Read more at

Check the embedded #LAarson tweet column on this blog for breaking news as it streams across twitter, but CNN has reported, along with people on the street in Fairfax/Sunset area, that Mr. Ponytail Arson Man is in the back of a cop car, detained...and no fires have broken out, since he's been detained. HERE are the details as they were broken to the city and world, on, by Zuma Dogg, in the previous post:  BREAKING: LAPD SETTING UP PERIMETER AROUND L.A. ARSON SUSPECT. CAR SURROUNDED BY PERIMETER - AIRCOPTER TAILING SUSPECT'S AUTO. ARSON INVESTIGATORS ON THE WAY!

As with these investigations, sometimes they don't pan out. BUT, I am not only hopeful, but pragmatically optimistic that I will be removing these embedded arson watch tweet columns when I wake up, and getting back to city business. In other words, my total experience is from this twitter view...but seems like they got the right guy. - ZD

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