Thursday, January 19, 2012

California Supreme Court WILL REVIEW Whether Cities (and BULLIES, out of their jurisdiction, like CARMEN TRUTANICH) may ban medical marijuana collectives. COURT DECISION MEANS TRUTANICH-LAW CANNOT BE ENFORCED, PENDING RULING [1-2 years, expect wait! Buh-bye, Trutanich...Hardly Got To Know Ya, LOSER!]

The California Supreme Court has decided to review whether cities and counties may ban medical marijuana stores. 
Meeting in closed session, the court Wednesday agreed to assess rulings by lower courts on how much oversight local governments may exert on medical marijuana operations. A ruling is probably a year or two away at least.
The court’s decision to review the appeals court decisions means they cannot be enforced pending a ruling by the state high court.
Joe Elford, chief counsel of Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana advocacy group, said the lower court decisions  had been “very problematic for patients.”
"We're very pleased that local governments will now be unable to use appellate court decisions to deny patients access to medical marijuana in their own communities,” Elford said.
One of the rulings said that some dispensary regulations may be preempted by federal law and another said cities could legally ban marijuana distribution altogether, he said.
Proposition 215, passed by voters in 1996, legalized use of marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation, but the federal government continues to criminalize pot.
via - LATimes
[This week, L.A. City Attorney, Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich was BRAGGING how he spends, "almost every day speaking with the DEA," about  Medical Marijuana collectives. Adding, if Feds are gonna shut em down, anyway, L.A. should, first. WHY TRUTANICH (@Trutanich4DA)? Because you are running for DA and want the photo op, for yourself? Medijuana was approved by the State. It is the FEDS who have issue. So let THEM make any busts! Let THEM incur the cost and time. YOU complain your budget has been cut and can't even prosecute crime. WHAT'S THE DEAL, BRO? Anyway, the point is MUTE. Just like YOU! YOU LOSE, AGAIN! GOTTA LEAVE IT TO THE FEDS, NOW, ANYWAY! LOL! YOU ARE GOING DOWN IN HISTORY, PAL! YOU CAN'T BELIEVE ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING, TO YOU! WHAT HAPPENED?]

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