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@Deming14Points for 01/15/12: Introduction to Dr. W. Edwards Deming - 14 Points ("Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity") - via

April 4, 2006, I walked into L.A. City Council chambers, for the first time, to discuss business I had with The City of Los Angeles. The "business," was that were violating my FEDERAL U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL rights, and I proved that in Federal Court, by defeating L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich...but that's a previous blog post. Point is, once I stepped into council chambers, and began to hear how L.A. City Council was running the city, although it had been about 10 years, since I even THOUGHT about Deming's 14 Points (as a Venice Beach & L.A. City TV music/comedy improv performer); when I started to hear the stuff coming out of their mouths, that reminded me of a spat between Larry, Curly and Moe, I started to appear at the council meetings, no only to discuss my own, personal, 1st Amendment violations, as mentioned above; but to also start preaching "Deming Speak," by applying it to whatever agenda item they were discussing, that day. And as many of you in L.A. know, the People LOVED it...ZD became the People's Champ...and at the same time, people started to feed me inside info on L.A. City Hall CORRUPTION: And that was something not being covered in the newspapers. ESPECIALLY THE STUFF CITY HALL INSIDERS WERE TELLING ME. So I spent a lot of time exposing corruption, which kinda took a front and center seat to the Deming 14 Point talk, even though I would still be applying it in my speeches (public comments), PEOPLE WERE MORE INTERESTED IN THE CORRUPTION. And so was I. Because you can't install a quality system, if it is also a corrupt system. (The waste it tough enough to manage. FRAUD & ABUSE=CORRUPTION makes it REAL tough! IMPOSSIBLE, ACTUALLY! SO now, after 5 years (and again, I have been posting and referring to Deming's 14 Points, all along, including and especially when I ran for L.A. Mayor in 2009), with FBI investigating multiple city hall departments and agencies, "as high and as wide as needed" - FBI, I think they can take it from here: AND, as the City of L.A. is plummeting further and further into ANTI-QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY HELL (as the city reduces staff and budgets), I really see NO NEED to discuss ANYTHING ELSE, aside from how to improve "Quality & Productivity." (Reduce waste/improve efficiency/do more with less). And, I didn't want to flood you @ZumaDogg twitter timeline with high-brow, world-class, Fortune 500, "Quality & Productivity" management tweets, for people who just wanna hear dirt on council. WHEN DIRT FLIES...@ZUMADOGG & WILL BE FIRST TO POST IT (OR SECOND IF I AM RE-POSTING/RUBBING IT IN, FROM ANOTHER BLOG)... BUT, in between waves...I hope you start to check out these tweets, as well: Because it will expose you to, and put you in the proper mindset to be an empowering manager, empowered worker; or innovative business operator.
@Deming14Points for 01/15/12
Deming14PointsRT @demingsos: "You can tell the state of health of a company by observing what/how topics are discussed in management meetings." #LACouncil
Sun Jan 15 - 8:47:26 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingsos: "The reward you want is pride and #joy in your work. That's what you want." #Deming BONUSES ROB #intrinsic #motivation
Sun Jan 15 - 8:45:12 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingsos: "People are born with intrinsic #motivation, self-respect, #dignity, #curiosity to learn, joy in #learning." #Deming
Sun Jan 15 - 8:42:23 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingsos: Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek ~ Martin Luther King Jr RT @GaryLoper
Sun Jan 15 - 8:41:35 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingsos: "Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company." #Deming #HR #management #MBA
Sun Jan 15 - 8:41:04 pm
Deming14PointsThanks to "Quality Digest" for publishing my "14 Points," that @tonyrobbinscalled, "fabulous." @MarKGraban Post:
Sun Jan 15 - 8:20:32 pm
Deming14Points"Q&P" MUST READ: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points." "Well Done" - #Deming Published by "Quality Digest." EZ read.
Sun Jan 15 - 8:19:06 pm
Deming14Points"INTERPRETING DEMING'S 14 POINTS" - WARM UP: DEMING 4-DAY SEMINAR NOTES (Excerpts): (by @DavidSaltsburg Aka: @ZumaDogg)
Sun Jan 15 - 8:16:52 pm
Deming14PointsLetter from Dr. W. Edwards Deming in response to my, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Pts." [D. Elliott=ZD Radio Name]
Sun Jan 15 - 8:13:05 pm
Deming14PointsJob of L.A. mayor should be easiest job in the city. You have the entire city workforce ready, willing and able. But it requires decisions.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:23:28 pm
Deming14PointsUm, NO!: 1st thing shallow Deming student will say, "I agree w SOME of the points, but I don't like Point (X). NOT a buffet to pick & chose.
Sun Jan 15 - 4:07:35 am
Deming14PointsA famous L.A. politician likes to say, "Information is knowledge is power." Would #Deming say,"only if used to predict/then acted upon?" YES
Sun Jan 15 - 4:03:02 am
Deming14PointsHelp to not only "change" the U.S.A., but help to "improve" it, as well. Give a RT of your favorite @Deming14Point tweet(s). AMPLIFY #Deming
Sun Jan 15 - 3:55:50 am
Deming14PointsRT @ZumaDogg: PROBLEM w BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE: Told pal of BAD experiences w new Wells Fargo bank. He says, "WF=KNOW to be worst." And I share story, here.
Sun Jan 15 - 3:29:36 am
Deming14PointsRT @ElectZuma: LA's QUALITY PROBLEM=Don't know what business they're in=TOO MANY THINGS. A: "To provide quality municipal services to residents/business."
Sun Jan 15 - 3:19:29 am
Deming14PointsRT @latimes: Most homeowners in association don't speak English; what to do? [1st thing coming to mind=get translator?]
Sun Jan 15 - 2:59:14 am
Deming14PointsTo sum it up, it's about continuous improvement thru innovation; toward the goal of staying in business; to provide those jobs. #Deming14Pts
Sun Jan 15 - 2:45:03 am
Deming14PointsAfter attending 100s of city meetings/speaking to 100s of workers, I KNOW=they KNOW how to fix things. If only mayor/council would let them.
Sun Jan 15 - 2:36:25 am
Deming14PointsIf I am quoting Deming, directly, will tag with - W.E. Deming, or -#Deming. If it's original quote, based on 14 pts, will tag -DS/ZD (me).
Sun Jan 15 - 2:29:33 am
Deming14PointsOnly two measures of quality that I am aware of. Customer satisfaction and employee pride & joy. And it's judged by THIER standards. -DS/ZD
Sun Jan 15 - 2:28:19 am
Deming14PointsRT @DemingInstitute: Post by John Persico on his experiences with Dr. Deming
Sun Jan 15 - 2:19:17 am
Deming14PointsWhen DWP crew had to leave, w/out making repairs, cause no one told traffic dept to post "NO PARKING" signs, coming back=DOUBLE THE COST!
Sun Jan 15 - 2:18:51 am
Deming14PointsDWP shows up w trucks/cherry picker/large crew of workers. No one told traffic dept to post temp "NO PARKING" signs. Crew had to leave.
Sun Jan 15 - 2:16:54 am
Deming14PointsAn attempt to improve traffic flow=LA installed UNDERGROUND left turn censors. Depts didn't work together=not timed properly. Traffic WORSE!
Sun Jan 15 - 2:13:25 am
Deming14Points14 PTS=FOR THE KIDS!: After showing staff=4 of 13 computers @LAPublicLibrary were out of order, MONTHS LATER=STILL no repair call made. :(
Sun Jan 15 - 2:09:32 am
Deming14PointsQuality/Productivity/Efficiency is NOT achieved by demanding more out of workers. It's a decision of top mngmt that allows it to happen. -ZD
Sun Jan 15 - 2:00:11 am
Deming14PointsAt no time will #Deming14Points try to say how to do your job better. Goal=to empower u with the "quality mindset" needed amidst bad mngmt.
Sun Jan 15 - 1:57:51 am
Deming14Points@BarackObama@NewtGingrich @MittRomney @TonyRobbins@RBReich @LACityCouncil @USMayors: Created new tweet page for you=Enjoy! #Deming14Points
Sun Jan 15 - 1:47:55 am
Deming14PointsRT @latimes: Early morning tie-up exposes L.A.'s bureaucratic incompetence [Didn't take early AM tie up to expose!]
Sun Jan 15 - 1:21:12 am
Deming14Points#Deming14Points: Attempting to apply 14 Pts to U.S.A. and share quotes & excerpts from 4-day seminar & "Interpreting Deming's 14 Pts." DS/ZD
Sun Jan 15 - 12:32:36 am
Deming14PointsDEMING 4-DAY SEMINAR NOTES (Excerpts): There is nothing worse than bad competition. Consumers attribute bad (cont)
Sun Jan 15 - 12:28:13 am
Deming14PointsEmpty leaders like to spout "empty exhortation." May even be so bold as to "empower" employees with one. 14 Pts is how you ACTUALLY empower.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:20:40 am
Deming14PointsJob of mayor, or any leader, is to be conductor of the orchestra. That means LEAD the band=but DON'T play the instruments for them. #EMPOWER
Sun Jan 15 - 12:18:16 am
Deming14PointsIf @LACityCouncil (or ANY city) cannot create a flow chart of city dept processes (how inbox makes it to outbox) don't expect improvement.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:15:17 am
Deming14Points1st thing @LACityCouncil must do, before quality & productivity can be expected to improve, is create flow charts of city dept operations.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:13:33 am
Deming14PointsRT @ElectZuma: Job of mayor is to take feedback from front line (city workers) how City Hall can help them do better jobs, to improve efficiency=THEY KNOW!
Sat Jan 14 - 11:58:34 pm
Deming14PointsRT @ElectZuma: RT @DemingSOS: “People consistently act inconsistently, unaware of the contradiction between their #espoused theory & their #theory-in-use."
Sat Jan 14 - 11:58:11 pm
Deming14PointsRT @ElectZuma: Thanks to "Quality Digest" for publishing my "14 Points," that @TonyRobbins wrote me to call, "fabulous."
Sat Jan 14 - 11:57:53 pm
Deming14PointsRT @ElectZuma: RT @demingsos: “My MA in Economics got me my job, but my undergraduate degree in philosophy got me my promotions.” Anom
Sat Jan 14 - 11:54:56 pm
Deming14PointsThis looks like a fun resource. Gonna try to guess right answers to the "Multiple Choice Questions."
Sat Jan 14 - 11:44:27 pm
Deming14PointsPt 1: CDs ruled and MP3 came out. RECORD biz didn't want to embrace new medium. Wanted to STICK with CDs=more control. (Would've been nice.)
Sat Jan 14 - 11:39:21 pm
Deming14PointsThanks to K. Yoshida for allowing me to sit in and be a part of his private training courses in Houston, TX ('91) for Jim "Mac" McIngvale.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:34:01 pm
Deming14PointsMayor facilitates all city depts to work together, so DWP doesn't have ENITRE EFFORT thwarted cause temp "NO PARKING" signs weren't posted.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:21:43 pm
Deming14PointsDWP NEEDS 14 PTS: Tree trim effort w costly crew, many trucks & cherry picker THWARTED cause traffic dept forgot to post "NO PARKING" signs.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:16:33 pm
Deming14PointsQ: Why a municipality should embrace 14 Pt philosophy? A: So you don't buy/install cameras to inspect, to discover cameras don't even work.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:14:45 pm
Deming14PointsHere's THE book that helped me understand complex concepts of Deming 14 Points. by Rafael Aguayo FULL READ on AMAZON:
Sat Jan 14 - 10:54:47 pm
Deming14PointsHere's "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points." "Well Done" - #Deming [Published by "Quality Digest." An EZ read.]
Sat Jan 14 - 10:43:50 pm
Deming14PointsMT @demingSoS "Job of every manager is to match the voice of the customer w/the voice of the system." Aka: Give the people, what THEY want!
Sat Jan 14 - 10:40:48 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingSoS: "Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led." Warren G. Bennis #Leadership #deming #management
Sat Jan 14 - 10:35:04 pm
Deming14PointsRT @dnrevel: Classic, new. Sigh. RT @demingSoS: “Reward for good #performance may be = to rewarding the weather man for a pleasant day." #Deming #pay
Sat Jan 14 - 10:34:51 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingSoS: Everyone is a customer for somebody, or a supplier to somebody. #Deming #systemsthinking
Sat Jan 14 - 10:34:33 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingSoS: "#Theory leads to #prediction. Without prediction, experience and examples teach nothing." #Deming #decision-making #management #MBA
Sat Jan 14 - 10:34:10 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingSoS: "If a process is stable (predictable), a goal is not needed. If a process is not stable, any goal is meaningless" Yoshida #Deming #variation
Sat Jan 14 - 10:33:59 pm
Deming14PointsRT @demingSoS: "Judging people, putting them into slots, does not help them to do a better job." #Deming #HR #management #MBA #variation #systemsthinking
Sat Jan 14 - 10:33:30 pm
Deming14Points"Grading of pupils in school is an attempt to produce quality by inspection. As a way of life, it does not work." - W. E. Deming (05/02/92)


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