Monday, January 16, 2012

@ElectZuma Tweets for 01/16/12: [Los Angeles Candidate for Mayor Applies Deming's 14 Points to L.A. City Hall Municipal Mess] - via

@ElectZuma - by @ZumaDogg
ElectZumaWhy city depts need to communicate: DWP shows up w trucks/workers. Temp "NO PARKING" signs=not posted. Cars blocking. Work not done. #COSTLY
Mon Jan 16 - 12:41:15 am
ElectZuma@LACityCouncil: Hope you see #Deming14Points relates to CITY HALL WASTE, HERE IS THE COMPLETE BLUEPRINT ON HOW TO FIX:
Mon Jan 16 - 12:35:30 am
ElectZumaI KNOW it's frustrating Mayor/Council: L.A. is SINKING in waste & abuse=You WANT to fix, so you DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY! Have you LEARNED how?
Mon Jan 16 - 12:31:39 am
ElectZumaFor L.A. top embrace REAL Quality&Productivity, it is UNREALISTIC to expect any, by simply demanding it. @LACityCouncilneeds to learn, 1st!
Mon Jan 16 - 12:29:26 am
ElectZumaL.A. MISSION STATEMENT: "Provide quality municipal services to residents/biz." Notice, "$150K to nurture future storytellers," DOES NOT FIT!
Mon Jan 16 - 12:26:54 am
ElectZuma#Deming14Points: #1: Know what business you are in. Applying to @LACityCouncil=Provide quality municipal services to residents and business.
Mon Jan 16 - 12:23:30 am
ElectZuma#Deming14Points: #1: KNOW what business you are in. Does @LACityCouncilKNOW what biz they are in? A: Fix roads, trim trees, collect trash.
Mon Jan 16 - 12:21:24 am
ElectZumaHi, I'm #EricGarcetti: I KNOW we can't fix streets or collect trash, as administrative depts are in disarray=LET'S BUILD DENSITY-SKYSCRAPER!
Mon Jan 16 - 12:18:42 am
ElectZuma@LACityCouncil & @Villaraigosamake plans for HIGH-DENSITY skyscrapers in name of "redevelopment," when city can't even pick up the trash.
Mon Jan 16 - 12:15:24 am
ElectZuma@LACityCouncil does NOT need to demand more FAKE oversight=they have no method to enforce. They NEED to have depts work together in advance.
Mon Jan 16 - 12:10:48 am
ElectZumaI've met 1000s of residents, biz owners & city workers: THEY HAVE RIGHT ANSWERS on how to "FIX" L.A. Mayor's job=take feedback & facilitate!
Mon Jan 16 - 12:06:39 am
ElectZumaMAYOR'S JOB: Make sure city stays afloat by constantly improving efficiency/reducing waste; so you don't have to lay off workforce. #FAILED!
Mon Jan 16 - 12:02:45 am
ElectZumaMAYOR'S JOB: Take feedback from city workers on how they can better do their jobs (less fudge factor), then get them those tools/training.
Sun Jan 15 - 11:57:16 pm
ElectZumaMT @DemingSOS: What improvements did @WendyGreuel secure from audit findings? Diagnosis w/o action=waste #DEMING [Deming had GREUEL pegged]
Sun Jan 15 - 11:26:54 pm
ElectZumaBetween NUTTY gadflies/candidates who MOCK #Deming14Points and #LAFD who are proud "students" of Deming, I stand w #LAFD! #jobistosavelives!
Sun Jan 15 - 10:11:31 pm
ElectZumaRT @DemingSOS: RT @Deming14Points: Here's "Interprting Deming's 14 Points" "Well Done" - #Deming [EZ read.]
Sun Jan 15 - 8:43:31 pm
ElectZuma@MayorSam: 23 twitter accounts weren't enough to tweet out all of @ZumaDogg's nutty rants. So, I created one=JUST 4 U! @Deming14Points! LOL!
Sun Jan 15 - 1:10:04 am
ElectZumaRT @demingsos: “My MA in Economics got me my job, but my undergraduate degree in philosophy got me my promotions.” Anom
Fri Jan 13 - 11:12:30 pm
ElectZumaI am COMPLETELY comfortable calling myself, "a TOP 'Quality & Productivity' expert in U.S." FOR SURE, TOP in L.A.! ZD=#Deming approved ZD!
Fri Jan 13 - 2:06:38 am
ElectZumaAs a top "Quality & Productivity" expert published/praised by TOP U.S. EXPERTS, @Villaraigosa @LACityCouncil@WendyGreuel are JOKES! #losers
Fri Jan 13 - 1:10:54 am
ElectZumaRT @demingsos: No knowledge is worth gaining unless it can be reported. Larry Niven
Thu Jan 12 - 11:46:09 pm
ElectZumaVIDEO POST: 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate "Zuma Dogg" on Fox-11 "Good Day LA" L.A's political icon speaks.
Thu Jan 12 - 11:30:13 pm
ElectZumaRT @DemingSOS: “People consistently act inconsistently, unaware of the contradiction between their #espoused theory & their #theory-in-use."
Thu Jan 12 - 10:26:34 pm
ElectZumaWhen I ran for mayor, got to say THIS in LATimes!: "If I have ONE message to deliver to LA registered voters, it is vote 'no' on Measure B."
Thu Jan 12 - 10:00:17 pm
ElectZumaThanks to "Quality Digest" for publishing my "14 Points," that @TonyRobbinswrote me to call, "fabulous."
Thu Jan 12 - 9:54:50 pm
ElectZumaThanks to world's most renowned "Quality & Productivity" consultant, ever, Dr. W. Edwards Deming for saying, "Well Done," to ZD's "14 Pts."
Thu Jan 12 - 9:51:31 pm
ElectZumaThanks @BarackObama for following @ZumaDogg. Thanks @NewtGingrich@AustinBeutner @RIckCarusoLA for sending ZD personal tweets, recently.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:49:17 pm
ElectZumaThank you @LAWeekly for crediting @ZumaDogg for fighting city hall til they were forced to follow Brown Act and allow recording of meetings.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:46:39 pm
ElectZumaI'm proud @ZumaDogg is credited for exposing LA Housing CORRUPTION, on-record/blog, until #FBI opened investigation. #REAP #CodeEnforcement
Thu Jan 12 - 9:45:16 pm
ElectZumaAm proud I spoke out on "Special Event Fee Waiver" abuse @LACityCouncil "on record," until City Hall ENDED IT! Went on for yrs before ZD!
Thu Jan 12 - 9:42:50 pm
ElectZumaI am proud for being single biggest foil in PREVENTING CRA's BIGGEST project, EVER: Grand Ave Project. Exposed pension $ & LAWeekly article.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:40:33 pm
ElectZumaI am proud of my record for speaking out, "on the record," against more shady CRA/LA projects than any single person in L.A. City history.
Thu Jan 12 - 9:38:16 pm
ElectZuma@LACityCouncil: #Trutanich spent WAY too much time yesterday WHINING to Steve Cooley about @ZumaDogg & @LADragnet. MAKE HIM WORK FOR L.A.!
Wed Jan 11 - 5:50:04 am
ElectZumaJob of mayor is to take feedback from front line (city workers) how City Hall can help them do better jobs, to improve efficiency=THEY KNOW!
Tue Jan 10 - 10:53:01 pm
ElectZuma@WendyGreuel @DennisZine@CarmenTrutanich @LACityCouncil ask for your vote, to lead city w vision, but ZD signed up the names/They had none.
Tue Jan 10 - 7:34:02 pm
ElectZumaSERVING THE UNIVERSE, from the edge of Santa Monica State Beach! @ZumaDogg presents Wide range of City info & analysis.
Tue Jan 10 - 6:49:53 pm
ElectZumaI HOPE YOU VOTE FOR ME for L.A. Mayor in 2013. If you vote for me, I will pave all the streets and fill all the potholes. MY PROMISE TO YOU! [A little #Q&P #14Pt Humor. It's called an, "empty exhortation." And L.A. City Hall STILL hasn't figured out...IT'S THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE EVER SAID ABOUT ANYTHING! (I wonder if they even know?) Need to familiarize themselves with the term, "By what method," I heard someone mention, once.)

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