Tuesday, January 3, 2012

L.A. City Controller Announces L.A. Housing Probe to INCLUDE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS IT CONTROLS

[PICTURED: What ZD had to look at for YEARS! No wonder he's stuck in cranky mode for life. photo credit: Mr. Dogg]

Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel announced Tuesday that she intends to probe not just the city’s troubled housing authority but also the nonprofit organizations it controls. [After Zuma Dogg called for this on TV/Radio/Newspapers/Blog and as a mayoral candidate, over past five years. WAY TO WAKE UP HELLEN KELLER? ALL IT TOOK WAS AN FBI INVESTIGATION TO BE LAUNCHED, FIRST! YOU ARE A LEADER!]

In a letter to the authority’s interim president, Doug Guthrie, Greuel requested detailed financial information on the groups, which she said together produce a profit of more than $15 million a year for overseeing rental units and HUD contracts. [WENDY, didn't YOU vote on HUD contracts and non-profit money as Councilmember. YES! Remember, L.A.'s pension investments into Cisnero's CityView HUD HOUSING was #1 LOSS of city's general fund in '08 crash. YOU SHOULD AUDIT THE MAYOR'S PENSION COMMISSIONERS! BUT AGAIN, FEDS already beat you to THAT, too!]

Greuel’s audit comes as city leaders have expressed anger about the way the agency, responsible for housing 60,000 of the city’s neediest, is run. [Yes, city leader Zuma Dogg, for past five years, and now Dennis Zine, after KCET/KCBS/FBI expose publicly. Again, what a LEADER! Zine was a councilmember during ALL of this!]

Last month, city leaders were infuriated by reports of lavish taxpayer-funded restaurant meals and a high-priced payout for the fired executive director. [AS IF THEY DIDN'T KNOW? If ZUMA DOGG knew, THEY KNEW!]

Many of those meals were paid for not directly from agency funds, but from funds the nonprofits control.

City Councilman Dennis Zine referred to that practice as using the nonprofits as a vehicle for “washing money so we can spend it the way we want and not be accountable for anything.” [Zuma Dogg has been calling it, "money laundering," but HE'S FINALLY ON MAYORAL CANDIDATE ZUMA DOGG'S TALKING POINTS!]

More to come, cause AGAIN...FBI will have THEIR report ready, before Wendy's.

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