Monday, January 23, 2012

L.A. City Controller (Mayoral Candidate) @WendyGreuel Releases Audit on FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY: Only Gets $261 Million of $1.3 BILLION/Misses Out on MILLIONS Available To City Hall [But City Hall Will Ask YOU To Cough Up More Cash for City!] @EricGarcetti=COUNCIL PRESIDENT, ENTIRE TIME=WANTS TO BE MAYOR? [LMFAO!]

REMEMBER, new taxes on ballot and new fees being created and hiked. It is not up to city hall to do their jobs. It is up to YOU to keep coughing up more cash, every time they refuse to EMBRACE @Deming14Points. [In case you are not aware, these ARE the textbook examples that should be CAUSING people to EMBRACE @Deming14Points. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE, CITY HALL. Then you ask RESIDENTS & BUSINESSES for MORE MONEY, after THIS!?!?! And you STILL REFUSE to   LEARN HOW TO FIX YOUR SYSTEMS!!! DO NOT EXECT A THING TO CHANGE!!! JUST MORE AUDITS, REPORTING ON, "WHAT WENT WRONG, AGAIN," and WHY you are going to have to NOW PAY MORE! #Deming14Points!

WendyGreuelController's job is to point out mistakes, for mayor & council to fix. Here's latest audit on missed FED Stim $:
Mon Jan 23 - 1:16:04 pm
WendyGreuelFEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY AUDIT: Another in a long line of reports that call attention to problems, left unfixed.
Mon Jan 23 - 1:12:03 pm
twnstar2RT @rsantiagojr: An audit released today by @wendygreuel shows city of LA missed out on millions in federal stimulus money due to lack of centralized effort
Mon Jan 23 - 11:48:33 am
rsantiagojrAn audit released today by @wendygreuel shows city of LA missed out on millions in federal stimulus money due to lack of centralized effort


L.A. MAYORAL CANDIDATE ZUMA DOGG (@ElectZuma) ON AUDITS: As a widely recognized, published author on "Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity," (based on Dr. W. Edwards Deming's #14 Points), I know Wendy Greuel thinks it will be enough to say, "I released audits showing where there was waste, fraud and abuse throughout City Hall." However, releasing an audit, without taking any ACTION/MEASURES on FIXING THE SYSTEM, so as to prevent FURTHER TRAGIC ANNOUNCEMENTS OF SUCH WASTE -- IS MORE WASTEFUL THAN THE INITIAL WASTE, ITSELF.

IN OTHER WORDS, WENDY...Don't think, "I released audits for the period of which I was councilmember, creating the problem, and haven't done ONE THING, or taken ONE MEASURE to FIX anything you are reporting on," is a platform that qualifies you for ANYTHING besides a PR secretary. (Because you are not even doing the audits. Just hiring people to do them. So WHAT do YOU do, Wendy? Run for MAYOR on CITY TIME/RESOURCES/CITY HALL OFFICE SPACE?) Does the FBI have a FILE ON YOU, WENDY GREUEL. They told ME, they DID!

​You, the taxpayer, might have missed out on $1 billion or more in free money because the geniuses at City Hall failed to coordinate their grant applications.

That's according to the latest audit from city Controller Wendy Greuel, whose office says today that ...

... the lack of an effective centralized oversight unit to coordinate grant applications among the City's departments led to various oversights and ultimately reduced Los Angeles' share of competitive grant funding.

The Controller says that of $1.3 billion in grants sought by L.A., only $261 million was awarded.
A lack of coordination might have cost us. A lot. In fact, Greuel says, city departments could have gone for a lot more than just $1 billion.
The funds were being offered via the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but "the City failed to pursue all eligible funding opportunities," according to Greuel's office.
The city dropped the ball on Economic Adjustment Assistance Funding as a result of a lack of bodies: " ... Furloughs and early retirement of staff" meant there weren't enough heads to write the grant, apparently.
Same goes, apparently, for Public Works and Economic Development Facilities funds.
LAX officials failed to apply for more than one grant available from federal Airport Improvement Program Funding. According to Greuel's office: 

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