Thursday, January 12, 2012

@LACityCouncil Tweets for 01/12/12: Los Angeles City News and Info on Various City Depts & Agencies [via - L.A.'s Official News URL]

@LACityCouncil Tweets for 01/12/12
LACityCouncilRT @CD2News: CD2 News Vol. 3, Issue 1 #CRA #NeighborhoodCouncils #Gov2point0
Thu Jan 12 - 6:39:22 pm
LACityCouncilRT @cd2news: @LACityCouncilThanks! We're honored! [Thank you. Merely here to serve the public! Thanks for doing so, regarding the info!]
Thu Jan 12 - 6:38:55 pm
LACityCouncilRT @latimes: Calif. tax hikes won't stop school cuts, budget adviser says
Thu Jan 12 - 6:37:32 pm
LACityCouncilRT @cra_la: LAT: LA council won't absorb redevelopment agency. won't take it on either. Much uncertainty
Thu Jan 12 - 6:34:31 pm
LACityCouncilRT @abc7: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences dismissed report that #Oscars may soon leave Kodak Theatre
Thu Jan 12 - 6:34:07 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lapdharbordiv: Community Police Academy 4 Spanish Speakers starts 2/22 call 310-726-7920 to sign up
Thu Jan 12 - 6:30:36 pm
LACityCouncilRT @metrolosangeles: California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Roelof van Ark to step down.
Thu Jan 12 - 6:28:48 pm
LACityCouncilRT @latimes: Greuel says L.A. lost out on revenue from street furniture. [Also lost out by driving out business.]
Thu Jan 12 - 6:28:29 pm
LACityCouncilRT @benreznik: #Redevelopment isn't “gone” - only #CRA is. Other ways to invest are alive and well.
Thu Jan 12 - 6:26:19 pm
LACityCouncilRT @donknabe: Captain @mpLASD showed off newest high tech equipment Sheriff's Deputies are using in the field.
Thu Jan 12 - 6:25:48 pm
LACityCouncilRT @benreznik: Council made tough, but right decision. Too costly to take on #CRA. @RadioBWatt on @KPCC
Thu Jan 12 - 6:24:41 pm
LACityCouncilRT @cd9news: RT @downtownartwalk: Downtown LA Art Walk by KCET! Thanks Ed!
Thu Jan 12 - 6:24:00 pm
LACityCouncilRT @cd9news: RT @southlareport: Pocket parks to come to South LA (Sarah Golden):
Thu Jan 12 - 6:23:36 pm
LACityCouncilRT @benreznik: .@PaulKrekoriancommits to Valley Plaza #redevelopment without #CRA via @NoHoPatch
Thu Jan 12 - 6:22:34 pm
LACityCouncilRT @thecitymaven: Municipal wrecking ball #Villaraigosa headed to D.C. next week for @USMayors conference:
Thu Jan 12 - 6:20:16 pm
LACityCouncilRT @benreznik: L.A. opts out of successor agency role for #CRA. Good call - other #redevelopment tools avail.
Thu Jan 12 - 6:16:59 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lafdtalk: Just posted: LAFD's New Command Staff
Thu Jan 12 - 6:13:09 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lanow: LAPD releases video of robber beating woman in Pico-Union
Thu Jan 12 - 6:10:09 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lanow: LAPD sergeant arrested on suspicion of workers' compensation fraud #zerotolerance #wealreadyblewtoomuch$
Thu Jan 12 - 12:23:12 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lapdhq: #LAPD Gang Reduction Statistics News Conference
Thu Jan 12 - 12:02:25 pm
LACityCouncilRT @cd9news: Taping CNN local edition with @bradpomerance. @JanPerry#TwitPict
Thu Jan 12 - 11:57:07 am
LACityCouncilRT @tonycardenassfv: I'm very excited about changes recently announced by Judgel Nash at Los Angeles Juvenile Court.
Thu Jan 12 - 11:47:17 am
LACityCouncilRT @propzero: Five Reasons Why Bob Hertzberg Should Run for State Senate @joemmathews
Thu Jan 12 - 11:46:21 am
CD2News@LACityCouncil Thanks! We're honored! [FYI: @CD2News=@LACityCouncil "Member of the Week!"]
Thu Jan 12 - 11:38:05 am
LACityNewsNEW by @ZumaDogg: Los Angeles City News via Tweets for 01/11/12: @LACityNews, @LACityCouncil, @Trutanich4DA, @ZumaDo...
Thu Jan 12 - 6:39:34 am
LACityCouncilRADIO: Reasons why #EricGarcetti believes L.A.'s job future is with Hollywood's new "Elegant Density," project.
Thu Jan 12 - 3:16:24 am
LACityCouncilWATCH ONLINE: City Council Item #13 on CRA/LA. VIDEO cued to item starting point, AGENDA & newspaper articles -
Thu Jan 12 - 2:41:34 am
LACityCouncilRT @ladailynews: LA study: Poor students stuck with worst teachers
Thu Jan 12 - 2:10:31 am
LACityCouncilRT @ginnycase: Has @LACityCouncil been hacked? [More like taken over by a "KINGPIN" who got leverage to take over account. @ZumaDogg. Hi! :)
Wed Jan 11 - 10:56:22 pm
LACityCouncilRT @PhilJennerjahn: #RichardKearns is in Cedars. Not doing well. They suspect his kidneys are failing. {ZD=Greatest poet I ever heard!] :-(
Wed Jan 11 - 10:40:40 pm
ZumaDogg@LACityCouncil faces HISTORIC TRAGEDY!: With CRA/LA "DEAD" (-#HerbWesson), City now forced to spend $ on city services like trash removal.
Wed Jan 11 - 10:04:32 pm
ZumaDoggWith @LACityCouncil Pres Herb Wesson declaring, "CRA is DEAD," City Council is now forced to walk city as Peter Parker w/out Spidey powers.
Wed Jan 11 - 10:03:01 pm
LACityCouncil@BIll_Rosendahl If you could also stay in chambers on items, other than your own, so you don't run back in and ask a question on WRONG item.
Wed Jan 11 - 10:01:02 pm
ZumaDoggToday was Zuma Dogg, "Ha-Ha, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO, @LACityCouncil" Day. U got a bunch of half-started projects; $'s GONE; U R stuck in mud!
Wed Jan 11 - 9:59:13 pm
ZumaDoggLos Angeles City News via Tweets for 01/11/12: @LACityNews, @LACityCouncil, @Trutanich4DA…
Wed Jan 11 - 9:47:59 pm
ZumaDoggProblem w @LACityCouncil is, they are more concerned with buildings than with people. - Zuma Dogg, after watching them NEVER fight harder.
Wed Jan 11 - 9:39:42 pm
LACityCouncilLEADERSHIP TALK: "I think we're moving too quickly." - Richard Alarcon on CRA/LA vote, under 48 hr deadline. Not used to moving, at all.
@LACityCouncil tweets by @ZumaDogg (Trying to keep my opinion out of it. Sometimes, I'm able to.)

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