Sunday, January 15, 2012

@LACityCouncil Tweets for 01/15/12 [Time for "Quality & Productivity" Lessons at L.A. City Hall as 2012-2013 Forces City To Do MORE with LESS...MUCH Less! ["Dangerous-Threat-To-Public-Safety/Money Disappeared to FRAUD" LESS!] - via

LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: Poor Mayor @Villaraigosa: His waste was so widespread, it exposed his fraud & abuse. He keeps DEMANDING more ACCOUNTABILITY=has no method.
Sun Jan 15 - 9:31:26 pm
LACityCouncil#Deming14Points for 01/15/12: Introduction to Dr. W. Edwards Deming - 14 Points ("Mngmt of Quality & Productivity")
Sun Jan 15 - 9:20:41 pm
LACityCouncilRT @lafdfirechief: “@LAPDChiefBeck: Looking forward to tomorrow's Kingdom Day Parade! Hope to see you there” I will see you there.
Sun Jan 15 - 8:53:57 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingsos: "You can tell the state of health of a company by observing what/how topics are discussed in management meetings." #LACouncil
Sun Jan 15 - 8:47:26 pm
LACityCouncilRT @barackobama: Hundreds of #Obama2012 events are happening all over the country for MLK Day: [How about 100s of MLK events R happening...]
Sun Jan 15 - 8:46:19 pm
LACityCouncilRT @LADAwatch: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. #justice
Sun Jan 15 - 8:41:41 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingsos: "Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company." #Deming #HR #management #MBA
Sun Jan 15 - 8:41:05 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek ~ Martin Luther King Jr RT @GaryLoper
Sun Jan 15 - 8:40:42 pm
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: "INTERPRETING DEMING'S 14 POINTS" - WARM UP: DEMING 4-DAY SEMINAR NOTES (Excerpts): (by @DavidSaltsburg Aka: @ZumaDogg)
Sun Jan 15 - 8:39:56 pm
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: "Q&P" MUST READ: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points." "Well Done" - #Deming Published by "Quality Digest." EZ read.
Sun Jan 15 - 8:39:49 pm
LACityCouncilA file with 100 complaints of L.A. Housing Dept (LAHD) FRAUD has been handed over to L.A. City Attorney office, per their request of proof.
Sun Jan 15 - 8:05:02 pm
LACityCouncilMT @LADragnet: After #Trutanich's Medical Marijuana "Jackboot" and Condom issue, ACE is sunk! [ZD hears ACE on "indefinite" hold. LOL!]
Sun Jan 15 - 7:57:48 pm
LACityCouncil@LADragnet: AGLA reports ACE program "on hold indefinitely." ANOTHER MAJOR BLOW TO @Trutanich4DA #Trutanic) #JaneUsher=#hostile #vindictive
Sun Jan 15 - 7:28:42 pm
demingSoSRT @Deming14Points: If @LACityCouncil (or ANY city) cannot create a flow chart of city dept processes (how inbox makes it to outbox) don't expect improvement.
Sun Jan 15 - 2:53:59 pm
donnalittlejohnBattle for Hahn's #CD15 on #LACityCouncil pits newcomer vs. veteran - The Daily Breeze
Sun Jan 15 - 2:14:33 pm
LACityNews News/Radio/TV is out! ▸ Top stories today via @lacitycouncil @zumadogg @lacitynews
Sun Jan 15 - 12:23:34 pm
DragnetLA@LACityCouncil Is #Trutanich's 'Gentle Ban' on pot shops a Jackboot solution & Goose Step in wrong direction?
Sun Jan 15 - 11:47:12 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: A famous L.A. politician likes to say, "Information is knowledge is power." Would #Deming say,"only if used to predict/then acted upon?" YES
Sun Jan 15 - 4:04:31 am
LACityCouncilRT @ElectZuma: LA's QUALITY PROBLEM=Don't know what business they're in=TOO MANY THINGS. A: "To provide quality municipal services to residents/business."
Sun Jan 15 - 3:21:14 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: After attending 100s of city meetings/speaking to 100s of workers, I KNOW=they KNOW how to fix things. If only mayor/council would let them.
Sun Jan 15 - 2:37:00 am
Deming14Points@BarackObama@NewtGingrich @MittRomney @TonyRobbins@RBReich @LACityCouncil @USMayors: Created new tweet page for you=Enjoy! #Deming14Points
Sun Jan 15 - 1:47:55 am
LACityNewsRT @LACityCouncil: Early morning tie-up exposes L.A.'s bureaucratic incompetence [@LATstevelopez has a FIELD DAY!]
Sun Jan 15 - 1:27:55 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: Early morning tie-up exposes L.A.'s bureaucratic incompetence [@LATSteveLopezhas a FIELD DAY!]
Sun Jan 15 - 1:27:11 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: RT @latimes: Early morning tie-up exposes L.A.'s bureaucratic incompetence [Didn't take early AM tie up to expose!]
Sun Jan 15 - 1:23:44 am
LACityCouncilRT @lapd: Recent Residential Burglaries -
Sun Jan 15 - 1:18:01 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: Job of mayor, or any leader, is to be conductor of the orchestra. That means LEAD the band=but DON'T play the instruments for them. #EMPOWER
Sun Jan 15 - 12:34:45 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: If @LACityCouncil (or ANY city) cannot create a flow chart of city dept processes (how inbox makes it to outbox) don't expect improvement.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:33:46 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: DEMING 4-DAY SEMINAR NOTES (Excerpts): There is nothing worse than bad competition. Consumers attribute bad (cont)
Sun Jan 15 - 12:33:25 am
Deming14PointsIf @LACityCouncil (or ANY city) cannot create a flow chart of city dept processes (how inbox makes it to outbox) don't expect improvement.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:15:17 am
Deming14Points1st thing @LACityCouncil must do, before quality & productivity can be expected to improve, is create flow charts of city dept operations.
Sun Jan 15 - 12:13:33 am
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: MT @LAFDTalk: @Deming14Points many of your friends @LAFD are Deming 14 students. Thanks for sharing. [Life-saving=their job. THEY STUDY 14!]
Sat Jan 14 - 11:51:56 pm
LACityCouncilRT @LAFDtalk: @Deming14Pointsmany of your friends @LAFD (including ^BH) are students of Deming's principles. Thanks for sharing.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:23:02 pm
LACityCouncilRT @Deming14Points: Mayor facilitates all city depts to work together, so DWP doesn't have ENITRE EFFORT thwarted cause temp "NO PARKING" signs weren't posted.
Sat Jan 14 - 11:22:37 pm
LACityCouncilNEW Twitter Page on "Quality & Productivity," that is highly recommended. @Deming14Points. Management training & re-education tweets #Deming
Sat Jan 14 - 10:27:39 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: RT @AncientProverbs: If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it is known how he employs it. -Socrates
Sat Jan 14 - 9:44:18 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: "#Theory leads to #prediction. Without prediction, experience and examples teach nothing." #Deming #decision-making #management #MBA
Sat Jan 14 - 9:43:44 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: "If a process is stable (predictable), a goal is not needed. If a process is not stable, any goal is meaningless" Yoshida #Deming #variation
Sat Jan 14 - 9:41:50 pm
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: "Judging people, putting them into slots, does not help them to do a better job." #Deming #HR #management #MBA #variation #systemsthinking
Sat Jan 14 - 9:41:02 pm
LACityCouncilWhy is @LAPDChiefBeckretweeing @JacLaurita, of "Real Housewives of NJ" Show? For a GOOD CAUSE, certainly. Wonder what the hell it could be?
Sat Jan 14 - 9:27:19 pm
LACityCouncilRT @jaclaurita: NO, because she does it too @rosemary_villa @Teresa_Giudice[Why is Chief Beck retweeting JacLarita, today? Account hacked?]
Sat Jan 14 - 9:22:53 pm
LACityCouncil@Drudge_Report: Fast & Furious Mindset Comes To L.A.: Mayor & #LAPD, "Just Say, 'Yes,' to UNLICENSED drivers
Sat Jan 14 - 3:04:27 am
LACityCouncilCartel instructed L.A. Councilman #JoseHuizar to SHUT DOWN MARIJUANA COLLECTIVES that cut deep into cartel L.A. sales. PUT BACK ON STREETS!
Sat Jan 14 - 1:49:09 am
LACityCouncilRT @JoseHuizar: Richelle, my wife, ordering @Patt_Morrison Baja Veggie Dog @Pink's (WOW! That is some VALUABLE information, CARTEL PUPPET)
Sat Jan 14 - 1:45:57 am
LACityCouncilRT @josehuizar: Richelle, my wife, ordering the @Patt_Morrison Baja Veggie Dog at @pink's #pinks
Sat Jan 14 - 1:43:44 am
LACityCouncilRT @demingSoS: "Data has no meaning apart from its context" #Deming #culture #systems #decision-making #epistemology #PDSA #systemsthinking
Sat Jan 14 - 1:43:25 am
LACityCouncilAUDIO: KFI's John & Ken HAMMER L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa & LAPD Chief Beck on unlicensed drivers in Los Angeles.
Sat Jan 14 - 1:42:02 am
NewsMediaTweetsRT @zumadogg: Zuma Dogg - Los Angeles City News MEGA-Tweet for 01/13/12: @LACityCouncil @WendyGreuel @Trutanich4DA
Sat Jan 14 - 1:18:53 am
LACityCouncil@BarackObama: What does U.S. President think of Mayor #Villaraigosa & #LAPD Chief #Beck plan to, "Just say, 'YES,' to unlicensed drivers?"
Sat Jan 14 - 1:07:51 am
LACityCouncilIf President @BarackObama sends high powered weapons to Mexican cartel, @Villaraigosa may as well let em drive streets of L.A. unlicensed.


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