Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A LESSON FOR WESSON: L.A. Council President Gets A Little "Fast & Loose" With Interruptions Of Public Comment Speakers. [MEETINGS ARE BROADCAST ON LIVE TV, Mr. Wesson! You Will Be Brought To The Attention of FEDERAL AUTHORITIES, AT THIS POINT! CLEAR ILLEGAL VIOLATIONS!]

Today, during public comment time at the Los Angeles City Council meetings, one of the speakers (a female, NOT Zuma Dogg), called the council body, as whole, "pussies." Now, I may use that term in tweets and on my blog, but for the record, ZD has never said that, or used uncomfortable words like that, during the council meetings, which are broadcast on TV. (My issues are with shouting, calling them,  "losers," at worst.)

BUT, it was THAT speakers decision to use the word, "pussies." So Herb Wesson cut the speaker off noted that kids were in the audience.

HOWEVER UNCOMFORTABLE HERB WESSON MAY HAVE THOUGHT THE USE OF THAT WORD WAS: Federal Courts have already decided that kids in the audience does NOT allow another's free speech, 1st Amendment right to be denied. THERE ARE WORDS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED. And the CONTEXT in which the word is used, is also relevant. For example, you can say, "F*ck, this!" But, you can't use it in a sexual reference. AND YOU CAN SAY, "PUSSIES" IN ANY CONTEXT!

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERB..are you FUCKING kidding me? (And if I say, "are you FUCKING kidding me...sorry to say, that IS allowed, in that context, and PLEASE do not interrupt or make a peep, if I choose to use that word, in that context, because although I haven't in the past, outrage is building, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to express the outrage, with the previous words, I've used. And since people use the word, as do I, in everyday life -- like use of the word, "Um...," if it slips out...I don't want to have to censor myself, and you sure FUCK better not, PUNK! AND I WON'T STOP...TILL HERB'S LOCKED UP!

AND NOW...on with the countdown!:

  • Whadda say, Herb...keep your corrupt, punk-ass mouth SHUT, next time & let city attorney handle legal matters. U don't like working w law. less than a minute ago
  • I was told by LAPD cop, they were called to Herb Wesson's home, once on a DOMESTIC ABUSE call, and Herb Wesson sent cops away. HERB=TEMPER?
  • HERB WESSON: You are used to running your district like racketeering fiefdom: But U R council Pres on LIVE TV, now. FED LAW IS WATCHING! 2 minutes ago
  • LESSON TO WESSON: PUNK! I suggest u let Dion handle "big boy" stuff. Kids watching does NOT constitute right to prevent others' free speech.4 minutes ago
  • BAD-ASS HERB WESSON doesn't like to be sent to corner like scorned & scolded bad-puppy. He is going to have to gain control of his temper. 7 minutes ago
  • #HerbWesson: Did U learn from your, "teachable moment" on Peoples' rights at Council meetings, today? I hope so. You just cost L.A. money. 11 minutes ago
  • #HerbWesson: Did U learn anything about Peoples' rights at the Clowncil meeting, today, punk? I hope so. ZD hopes he can move on, tomorrow.14 minutes ago
  • STRIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT!: In '11, #FBI made 3 busts for bribery. 2 Building & Safety Inspectors and 1 Housing Dept. All 3=HERB WESSON's CD10! 17 minutes ago
  • L.A. City Attorney's Office (Jane Usher/Bill Carter) NOW have file w/100 complaints of LA Housing FRAUD/ABUSE, while HERB WESSON was CHAIR! 20 minutes ago
  • #FBI: I know you have been investigating #HerbWesson's District, thoroughly. Have you have been to his office? Records will reveal much! 24 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: I will say this ONCE!=TAKE LITERALLY!: You pull crap, like today, again=I WALK IN CHAMBERS W FED AUTHORITIES ON "OTHER" MATTER!26 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: Remember you gave ZD a tour of your office? You were WAY too chatty, trying to impress me. Why I know what I know=2&2 together!29 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: Don't get it twisted, punk-ass, bitch. You ain't NUTHIN' but a CROOK who rolls in @Villaraiogsa cartel mob wagon. I GOT YOUR #! 31 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: It's a SHAME, YOU violating Peoples' rights, like IGNORANT and/or ARROGANT JACKASS made me go OVER-THE-TOP in payback lesson! 33 minutes ago
  • HERB WESSON: Here's YOUR problem=ZD wakes up (cranky anyway in AM), sees YOU being PUSSY-ASS CLOWN, violating rights=ZD GOES SCHITZO ON YOU!35 minutes ago
  • Los Angeles City News: ONLINE NEWSPAPER EDITION for 01/17/12 [viahttp://t.co/zRtAQN51] Herb…http://t.co/NilCa0aL40 minutes ago
  • "I don't trust that Herb Wesson. He's a fox in sheep's clothing. When he walks into the room, I watch my back." Bill Rosendahl (ZD seconds!) 50 minutes ago
  • Flippin out, today: Went to Malibu, last night. Walked in ARCO. 4 of 4 people knew ZD/had ZD stories to tell. WASTED OPPORTUNITY/NEED FOOD. 54 minutes ago
  • Herb Wesson: Whether ZD is in chambers, or not, he takes 1st Amend/Brown Act MOST SERIOUSLY. Hope U learned lesson, today. IT WILL STING U! about an hour ago
  • Biggest BULLSHIT/$$$ PILFER is in name of "Arts/Cultural Affairs" (NOTHING SHADIER THAN NON-PROFIT THEATER $ HANDED OVER FROM CITY COUNCIL!) about an hour ago
  • TOP Story: L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson STOMPS ALL OVER BROWN ACT/VIOLATES PEOPLES' RIGHTS. ZumaDogg teaches Wesson a lesson! ;-)about an hour ago
  • HERB WESSON: I just turned you office UPSIDE DOWN, while you were sitting on your chair violating peoples' rights=Talk to your receptionist.about an hour ago
  • L.A.City Clownncil Communists Bill Rosendahl & Richard Alarcon Want To Make "Greening Non…http://t.co/c2yaFcLSabout 2 hours ago
  • GOT LOTS OF RT: If @LACityCouncil cannot create a flow chart of city dept processes (how inbox makes it to outbox) don't expect improvement. about 2 hours ago
  • HERB WESSON=IN BIG, BIG TROUBLE, NOW! Man, does that ignorant, greedy, corrupt PUSSY keep FUCKING UP in way he runs Clowncil meetings. $$$ about 2 hours ago
  • #FBI - #FBI - #FBI: #HerbWesson was LA HOUSING DEPT (LAHD) CHAIR during CORRUPTION you investigate. I HAVE DEEPER INFO ON HERB & HIS STAFF!about 2 hours ago
  • HERB WESSON: Your PHONY charm, amidst RAMPANT corruption, THAT YOU ARE PART OF.NOW, has worn thin. You are CORRUPTING PUBLIC COMMENT, HERB! U R GOING DOWN! about 2 hours ago
  • L.A. City Council PRESIDENT HERB WESSON: Not too late to make your New Years Resolution=NO FBI BUSTS IN YOUR DISTRICT! You had ALL in 2011! about 2 hours ago
  • How come ALL FBI BUSTS in '11 were in Herb #Wesson's CD10? Building & Safety Dept AND LA HOUSING DEPT! HIS DISTTICT=FBI BUSTS=HERB WESSON! about 2 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG is teaching HERB WESSON a lesson RIGHT NOW on Brown Act. HE fucks up=ZD calls FBI on MICHAEL BAI! FUCK YOU HERB, SHORT PUSSY PUNK! about 2 hours ago
  • Since Herb Wesson violated Brown Act and interrupted a speaker, im reporting micha bai to FBI, NOW. Watch it , Punk Wesson. about 2 hours ago
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