Thursday, January 26, 2012

Los Angeles at TIPPING POINT over "Shady" Redistricting Effort: RonKayeLA Article on Last Night's DEBACLE of PUBLIC TRUST

The Shame of Sham Redistricting and the Perpetuation of City Hall's Failure:

Not one to pull her punches or knees to the groin, LA Weekly's Simone Wilson calls LA's Redistricting Commission "an embarrassing who's-who of career City Hall puppets ... To say the 2012 redistricting commissioners are cloaked in this culture of self-preservation and nepotism is an understatement; they are the fibers that give it form."
'Take Michael Trujillo, the mouthpiece selected by City Councilman Richard Alarcon to represent City Council District 7 .. How appropriate, now, that this incurable negative-campaigner should be hand-picked (sloppy seconds!) by Councilman Alarcon, the most nepotistic of the bunch" who is charged with felony voter fraud/perjury over moving outside his own district. 
The LA Times was far less forthright but did acknowledge that the draft maps released Wednesday set "the stage for a series of pitched battles over neighborhood identity, ethnic clout and raw political power" -- a point made in the Daily News as well which said they kick "off a fierce battle over the political, cultural and ethnic lines of the city,"
In fact, the only voice that any reporter could find who praised this outrageous insult to the people of Los Angeles that is being foisted on them by a failing political machine engaged in a feeding frenzy as if there is no tomorrow (and there will be no tomorrow if anything like these maps is approved) was the Valley Industry and Commerce Association's Stuart Waldman, which was predictable if you followed the group's activities.
"You listened to me. You listened to the neighborhood councils. You listened to the people of the San Fernando Valley," Waldman told the panel at its Van Nuys Civic Center meeting Wednesday -- a position that was clearly out of step with the howls of protest from community activists and neighborhood leaders Sunland-Tujunga to Sherman Oaks to West Hills and throughout the city from Koreatown to East, South and West LA.
Some commissioners were appalled. "Quite frankly, I am embarrassed to be associated with this product," said former State Sen. David Roberti.
[I've talked about L.A. City Hall being under siege of RICO RACKET ORGANIZED CRIME RING. The puppet players revealed themselves, last night, on LIVE TV, during the meeting. And THIS is the heist they have been waiting for AND NEED TO MAKE HAPPEN! I'll follow up with a post, later. - ZD]

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