Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Los Angeles Redistricting: Meet 32 Time Indicted Councilman Richard Alarcon's PICK for Redistricting Commissioner [Villaraiogsa's LONG TIME ALLY! Nicknamed, "MEAT"]

8PM UPDATE: The MOB "Ayes" have it. The commissioner wanted to amend motion to allow BOTH maps (original AND alternative), but Huizar's mob guy, Corneyjo called the question to PREVENT the amendment. ONLY the ONE map, that caused OUTRAGE from ACROSS the city will be considered...AND THE ALTERNATIVE MAP, the commissioner wanted to include, will NOT be allowed. We are watching some SCARY THUG STUFF HAPPEN! Ask CM Parks, Perry, Koreatown and Sunland-Tujunga.

AN IMPORTANT POST ON L.A. REDISTRICTING ON THE MAYOR SAM BLOG (L.A. POLITICS): NOTE: Herb Wesson rolls with the Villaraigosa backed KINGPIN ring,. And you will notice, ALL THE MAPS, tilt things toward the MOB! [See BIGGEST changes to maps/DOWNTOWN L.A. Taken away from Jan Perry (KINGPIN'S BIGGEST OPPONENT AT CITY HALL] and INTO hands of MOB-PUPPET Jose Huizar.

Meet Lake View Terrace/ Sunland-Tujunga's latest "Favorite Political Son"

If you hear and then feel a giant thud originating from the Lake View Terrace/ Sunland-Tujunga area this evening, rest assure that its only the sorid byproduct of the latest political escapades from one Michael "MEAT" Trujillo. 
Activists across the rural refugees are stun this evening that their enclaves may forever be change with Council District 7, under the auspices of City Councilman Richard AlarCON, taking over for CD 2 and its popular Councilman Paul Krekorian, if the proposed redistricting maps are approved.
And who was CD 7 Councilman AlarCON's point person on the redistricting commission to make this possible? Let the LA Weekly's Simone "the Snarky One" Wilson point out the sad particulars..... and its going to hurt. 
Take Michael Trujillo, the mouthpiece selected by City Councilman Richard Alarcon to represent City Council District 7 on the commission. It only takes an institutional memory of about one year to trace Trujillo back to that terrifying email, sent on behalf of City Councilman Jose Huizar's re-election campaign, which read, "We are about to put a political bullet in between Rudy Martinez's forehead and make him pee in his pants too." (Among other creepy obscenities.)
And most recently, in what appeared to be a violation of his terms as redistricting commissioner, Trujillo was caught celebrating the victory of another City Council candidate, as if he had helped helm the campaign.
Seriously, how is this dude still on the council's list of potential hires? As LA Weekly news editor Jill Stewart wrote, "City Hall is badly in need of people who are good at policy, not politics. Trujillo isn't good at either." How appropriate, now, that this incurable negative-campaigner should be hand-picked (sloppy seconds!) by Councilman Alarcon, the most nepotistic of the bunch, currently being investigated for felony voter fraud/perjury after very clearly moving outside his own district.
So you see the type of talent you've got repping your friendly neighborhood interests in the sculpting of Los Angeles. 

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