Friday, January 6, 2012


WHILE L.A. MAYORAL CANDIDATES WILL BE DEFINED BY HOW MUCH MONEY THEY'VE RAISED, ZUMA DOGG WILL BE DEFINED BY WHAT HE HAS DONE OVER THE PAST SIX YEARS. Long-time readers know what that is and what it has meant. Earned these quotes the HARD WAY! (VERY, VERY, VERY HARD WAY! And money had ZERO to do with it.)

"Zuma Dogg, not only one of the most recognizable figures at City Hall, cordially greeted by passersby, including security guards and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, he also has the ear of high-level insiders, who feed him information in the hope that he’ll expose, and possibly stop, one questionable government project or another." - LA Weekly 

"You're actually one of my favorite people to watch on TV." - Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan to Current L.A. Mayoral Candidate .

" Zuma Dogg has distinguished himself as a "mix of curiosity and crusader" fighting for what he considers his free-speech rights."He's been able to do it with humor and at times be more direct and substantive." L.A. Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti on L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg

"Thanks for the advice." - Possible L.A. Mayoral Candidate and/or Possible Dodgers owner Rick Carsuo to @ZumaDogg
"I think you're doing a good service. I'm hoping voters are paying attention." Austin Beutner for LA Mayor Exploratory Manager on Zuma Dogg 

"It would be nice to have someone w the heroism of Zuma Dogg in office." - LA Mayoral Candidate Kevin James on mayoral candidate . 

"He wakes us up and gets our attention." - L.A. City Controller & 2013 Mayoral Candidate on fellow mayoral candidate . 

"You KNOW you're a genius, Zuma Dogg." - LA City Councilmember  on  (2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate) 

"Something between stunned and amazed. "I've never seen anything like it." - Former California Assembly Speaker, Current City Council President Herb Wesson on #ZumaDogg/2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate) 

"A good man. He's done a lot for the People of Los Angeles." - City Controller Candidate  on (L.A. Mayoral Candidate) 

"An original ... another treasure of Venice. I consider him a true prophet." - Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl on Zuma Dogg 

"Zuma Dogg, who is smarter than and knows more about city government than most Council members, has become something of an urban folk hero, skewering City Hall foibles and failures in his frequent public comment appearances broadcast on Channel 35. His campaigns for mayor and now CD2 attracted respectable numbers of votes for a candidate who was not only is penniless but homeless." - Ron Kaye/ 

"Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, tightly controlled L.A. City Council meetings presided over by Council President Eric Garcetti, who had banned video cameras. After police tried to stop Zuma Dogg from taping the council deliberations, he railed against the big shots for months, slamming Garcetti as “Garshady” on his show and on his whistleblower blog. "Whatever happened to free speech in this country?," Zuma Dogg asked. He prevailed against Garcetti’s rules, and now brings his cameracorder to every council meeting, as can any member of the public thanks to him." - LA Weekly.

"I've seen you on TV. Keep doing what you're doing." - Dennis Franz [Vet]

[When you hear what was being said in 2009, you started reading about it in the newspapers, in the form of FBI investigations, in 2011. (MORE to come in 2012!)

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