Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News Update for 01/19/12: LA Weekly on Herb Wesson's CENSORSHIP of Public Comment Speakers; Trutanich Told, "Hold Your Bully Horses" on Marijuana Collective Shut-Downs and Venice Beach 42.15 Goes Into Effect, this weekend (As Trutanich Prepares 12 mid Curfew on Boardwalk, for FIRST TIME IN HISTORY) & Bill Rosendahl is a "Mr. Magoo Moron" of an Ignorant Buffoon!

Haven't gotten any support for the time and effort it takes to update this blog. That means I haven't eaten. So how am I supposed to blog. Check LA Times. See ya if I ever get a donation and get to eat. And NO, it's NOT begging, any more than a KCRW pledge drive, the dollar it costs for a newspaper, or millions of dollars politicians BEG for, for their campaign, so they can ROB the general fund dry. I see this blog has double the views it had, this time, last year. And a lot more than it had, last month. And I KNOW exactly why: The blog is FANTASTIC. There IS no other blog or website that TOUCHES this blog, when it is hummin' along. But, it takes about $10 bucks a day, to make it happen. And it didn't happen today. So, it's already gonna be a nightmare in the morning. So this is all it's gonna be from now, till a few folks rally and figure out how to keep this blog pumpin', 24/7, which is what it does, when the blogger has $10 a day. People think THEY are doing me a favor by reading. I don't think they realize, I already have seen and know everything that I post. So if you think about it from my side of the computer screen...makes NO difference to me whether I provide a world-class service...or post nutty rants, that I am scared for my health, over lack of nutrition, hoping someone calls to say, "I'll get you a slice of pizza." EITHER WAY, whether I blog up a frenzy, or not...I DON'T EAT. So I may as well do NOTHING...because all of this blogging is stressful on my nerves. I don't see ANYONE ELSE providing the service I am able to. So have fun, elsewhere. And please go there. Cause doesn't matter if I get 250-350 page views, in a single hour...I DON'T GET TO EAT! SO FUCK IT! AND FUCK OFF!

And, HERB WESSON: You ain't nothing but a PUNK-ASS, THIN-SKINNED, PUSSY! And I'm just saying that to disrespect you, simply because you deserve it, you PUNK-ASS, THIN-SKINNED, PUSSY! You REALLY must be full of yourself, and for NO reason at all, PUNK! Now learn the law and keep your punk-ass mouth shut, when the PEOPLE have the floor. YOU WANT MORE LESSON, WESSON! YOU ARE EASY GAME. CAUSE YOU ARE IGNORANT, ARROGANT, AND HAVE A THIN-SKINNED TEMPER! A COSTLY COMBO TO THE GENERAL FUND, YOU DESPERATE, LIVE-IN-FEAR-OF-FBI, PUNK-ASS, THIN-SKINNED, BITCH, WHO AIN'T SHIT ME, BUT SOME CLOWN WHO COULDN'T EVEN MAKE IT AS ONE!


LA Weekly on Herb Wesson being too much of a PUSSY to let people say PUSSIES! Zuma Dogg quoted on 1stAmend issue: [They say ANY publicity is good publicity. Glad I could help, PUSSY! YES, YOU HERB!]

AND FOR THE RECORD, FROM LAWEEKLY (01/19/12): KINGPIN ZD GETS HIS ATTORNEY IN LA WEEKLY ARTICLE ON VENICE: Stephen Rohde, past president of the ACLU of Southern California, says the new Venice Boardwalk law from Trutanich and Rosendahl fails just as miserably.

"The city disfavors beading, stitching and weaving," he says, citing the language of the new law, "and it privileges painting and sculpture. That kind of distinction is irrational — and would not pass muster when examined under the First Amendment."

Rosendahl sees things differently, saying, "You can put five lawyers in a room and get 10 opinions of what free expression is." 

"Eventually," Rohde says, "police officers [will] have to make on-the-spot artistic judgments, as well as political and ideological judgments about the nature of this material, and figure out if artistic expression predominates."
Rosendahl admits that only "time will tell." [WOW! Sounds like STRONG leadership talk. How about, "Who GIVES A FUCK! Linda Lucks will have her group support me for re-election. I'll be in my third and final council term; will have my added lifetime health and pension benefits -- and by the time these losers sue us again, I'll be re-elected. We STILL haven't even paid Zuma Dogg from the last lawsuit, he already won, over a year ago, yet. And if he dies, we NEVER have to pay him. So, I'm sure you can see why I don't give a fuck about the Constitution, the 1st Amendment of not FUCKING FEDERAL JUDGE!," is the premise Rosendahl appears to embracing.

The law is almost certain to be challenged in court. [NO, it's CERTAIN!]  When the 2004 boardwalk ordinance was thrown out, the city had to pay $264,000 in damages to Michael Hunt and another $207,000 in attorney's fees. A separate suit over the 2008 law, filed by a number of plaintiffs, including Los Angeles City Hall blogger Zuma Dogg, is pending.


[WHO DO YOU TRUST. Former ACLU President and CURRENT Los Angeles Magazine "Super-Attorney" (an ANNUAL fixture on the list)...OR MR. MAGOO MORON, BILL "BUFFOON" ROSENDOPE? [ZUMA DOGG...NOW TAKING BETS AGAINST ROSENDOPE!]

PUBLIC NOTICE: Next @ZumaDogg Public Comment: MONDAY/01/23/12 at #VeniceNeighrbohoodBullshit Meeting on #Trutanich NUTTY COMMUNIST notion of 12mid curfew.

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