Friday, January 13, 2012

Zuma Dogg - Los Angeles City News ( ONLINE NEWSPAPER EDITION for 01/13/12 [Mainstream News Edition, Based on Past 24 Hours of @LACityNews, @LACityCouncil & @ZumaDogg News Tweets] via -

FYI: Not to rub it in, but after all these years, who woulda thought, TONIGHT, was the BIGGEST night of page views, per hour, ever for Uncle MC Zuma Dogg & his (Aka:, with 250-350 page views per hour between 8pm-1am. Zuma Dogg has NO idea why, but he can tell someone hit him up with a cyber blast. (Not bad for what I consider a "niche/boutique" blog.) CLICK "Zuma Dogg - LA City News" link on embedded widget for full newspaper format. HERE'S THE BLOG POST WITH @LACityCouncil, @WendyGreuel, @CD2News ("Member of the Week"), @Trutanich4DA, @LACityNews, @ZumaDogg & @ElectZuma tweets, this online newspaper edition was generated from: Zuma Dogg - Los Angeles City News MEGA-Tweet for 01/13/12: @LACityCouncil @WendyGreuel @Trutanich4DA @LACityNews @ZumaDogg @ElectZuma @LosAngelesTweets [ALL L.A. City News, HERE! The FUTURE of News Coverage, NOW! via -]

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