Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zuma Dogg Tweets About His Conversations With FBI About L.A. City Hall -- AND, Zuma Dogg Exposes RICO RACKETEERING (MAFIA-BASED CORRUPTION) at L.A. City Hall (VIDEO!) [NOTICE: Antonio Villaraigosa...DON'T READ MY BLOG, TODAY! YIKES!!!]

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  • FBI QUESTIONS ALATORRE ON $1 MIL. FBI PROBES @USMayors@VillaraigosaCommissions/Depts/Agencies. Villar says, "Congress gets an 'F' grade!" VILLARAIGOSA=SUCCESSFUL! (or FULL of SOMETHING?)  2 minutes ago
  • @USMayors@Villaraigosa: U hop up there like a little mexican mafia muppet and blame congress. Which Congress member has FBI investigating? 4 minutes ago
  • Alatorre puppet, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gives Congress an "F" grade, noting that they flunked, they failed." HE'S INVESTIGATED BY #FBI! 6 minutes ago
  • NEVER HEARD, "People in Glass City Halls": "Congress mid-term report card? Grade would be clear= F. Congress failed." Villaraigosa=SUCCESFUL 7 minutes ago
  • OJ BLAMES "REAL KILLER": "If we gave Congress mid-term report card, grade would be clear, an F. Congress flunked. They failed." Villaraigosa 8 minutes ago
  • Lost RClemente, StevieR Vaughn, RValens, Skynyrd's VanZandt & so many others to air crashes. But, Villar flies all over=unscathed. A SHAME! 16 minutes ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: I’m in Washington, D.C. this week for @usmayors 80th Winter Meeting. [Maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd's pilot can fly u back to LA.] 20 minutes ago
  • Was told by some arrogant jackass, Elliot Broidy was "Untouchable" regarding pension fraud/abuse. So, ZD contacted ACuomo. Broidy in prison! 24 minutes ago
  • HOW U KNOW YOU WON 'EM OVER?: When calling FBI, instead of them saying, "WHO is this? WHO are you?" They say, "Oh, Hi, Zuma Dogg!" (Cheery!) 26 minutes ago
  • HOW U know=GOOD INFO: When speaking w FBI agent, and they say, "I have to go," and U say, "ONE more thing," and you speak another half hour. 28 minutes ago
  • "Why would people working for the mayor's office tell YOU these things?," FBI agent to ZD. Hmmm, must have thought I had some GOOD stuff! 29 minutes ago
  • "What do YOU know about pension fraud and the mayor?" - FBI agent to @ZumaDogg. (Wouldn't say anything I wouldn't say under FBI polygraph.") 31 minutes ago
  • @JillStewart FBI to ZD: "Gave file on @WendyGreuel to my associate who knows more about this area, than I do." So there IS a file on Wendy! 33 minutes ago
  • FBI AGENT to ZD: "I gave the file on @WendyGreuel to my associate who knows more about this area, than I do." So there IS a file on Wendy! 34 minutes ago
  • Want to know what FBI is investigating @LACityHall? Watch THIS: Based on what FBI agents told me AND FBI informants! 35 minutes ago
  • L.A. POLITICAL ICON/SHOT-CALLER @ZumaDoggAppears @PoliceCommissionto GIVE THEM ORDERS! They DID it w/in 48 hrs! minutes ago
  • L.A. Political ICON & #1 KINGPING, BITCH-SLAPS CHUMP-ASS MOB BOSS MAYOR VILLARAIOGSA in front of HIS crowd!: minutes ago
  • @VeniceBeach MC Freestyle Battle of CENTURY!: Venice Female MC schools OG Hip Hop Icon @ZumaDogg on Venice Boardwalk. 46 minutes ago
  • @SnoopDogg has Old Skool classic, "Gin & Juice," he BUSTS OUT to STEAL SHOW!: @ZumaDogg has "As U Can See" MP3: minutes ago
  • ZD ORIGINAL: Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean" - BREAKING NEWS ORCHESTRA ARRANGEMENT MUSIC BED. Phillinganes WISHES! 52 minutes ago
  • MikeTrujillo, "No one is after you, Zuma Dogg" ZD, "How do YOU know?" MikeTrujillo, (shouting), "I'M THE ONE WHO MAKES THOSE ARRANGEMENTS!"about an hour ago
  • Some folks=still FIRED UP for Obama. Next 2 yrs, U.S. will become SO PAINFUL, he will be booed like Sinead O'Connor @MSG, WHEREVER HE GOES! about an hour ago
  • By the time Barack Obama is done with his term (this one, or next one) things will be SO painful in U.S., he won't be able to be in public. about an hour ago
  • Next year or post term, Barack Obama will suffer WORST post-Presidency life in history. Public outrage will hold him hostage=A bubble world. about an hour ago
  • Wish it was my head found by Hollywood sign. Then, my nightmare of day to day life of disability would be over. Among toughest to live with. about an hour ago
  • RT @myfoxla: Severed head investigation... Now LAPD briefing media.... They've found a second hand. [Hope that's it. 3rd Hand=bad sign!]about an hour ago
  • ERIC GARCETTI: The Dowd/Dogg lawsuit is being amended to NAME YOU PERSONALLY, as well. Better hire OUTSIDE COUNSEL to confirm, U R ON HOOK! about 2 hours ago
  • Herb Wesson: The Dowd/Dogg lawsuit is being amended to NAME YOU PERSONALLY, as well. Better hire OUTSIDE COUNSEL to confirm, YOU R ON HOOK! about 2 hours ago
  • Some LYING ASSHOLE tweets me that I am so valuable/hang in there. BULLSHIT! THERE IS NO VALUE TO ZD! WHY I am LITERALLY DYING of no food. about 2 hours ago
  • In a moment of collective consciousness, as you read this tweet, begin praying for the lord above, to take my life, today. IT NEEDS TO END!about 2 hours ago
  • MICHAEL TRUJILLO of @Villaraigosa Mexican Mafia fame: You KNOW you drink too much, and we used to talk on the phone a lot. U SPILLED BEANS!about 2 hours ago
  • I guess if there is a MEXICAN MAFIA, they have NOTHING to do with L.A. City politics and Villaraigosa & Michael Trujillo are NOT part of it. about 2 hours ago
  • You got a Mexican Mafia "made man" working on LA CIty Redisrticting maps, and DESPERATE MORONS "certain" COMMUNITY MEMBERS WHO GO ALONG/SUPPORT, TO RIDE ALONG IN THE GETAWAY CAR=GETS A JOB! (ANYTHING FOR MONEY!?!?!) I understand, though=KIDS TO FEED! (How the MOB WINS!) . about 2 hours ago
  • MICHAEL TRUJUILLO:  he's a nice guy! ZD knows him well! about 2 hours ago
  • 32X INDICTED L.A. CITY COUNCILMAN RICHARD ALARCON has a pre-trial court date in the CRIMINAL Courts Building, this morning. LOL! CRIMINAL court!.about 8 hours ago
  • If you were thinking of visiting or helping ZD, but have just been too lazy, TODAY is a REALLY good day to help. HEALTH ISSUE! PLEASE HELP! about 9 hours ago
  • If U R reading this=have been a reader/fan of Zuma Dogg over the years, I need support today. Turns into SERIOUS health crisis if unchecked. about 9 hours ago
  • Dear Readers, I need to eat some food & get some nutrition into my body, soon. Can someone help me out, today. PayPal or meet me in person.about 9 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @newsmediatweetsabout 15 hours ago
  • L.A. CITY LAUNCHES HOMELESS OUTREACH CAMPAIGN: We took the money for shelter & services and pilfered/wasted it. Find nice spot on sidewalk. about 16 hours ago

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