Wednesday, January 18, 2012

@ZumaDogg Tweets [01/18/12 Pt 2]: Villaraigosa NEEDS to Keep His Mob-Mouth SHUT in U.S. Press & His MAFIA-MOB Pal HERB WESSON, Better Keep HIS PUNK-ASS Mouth SHUT When Public Comment Speakers Are Speaking. [Doesn't Appear #FBI WESSON Knows SHIT About FEDERAL LAW. HE WILL BE TAUGHT!!! WILL BE HARD LESSON FOR WESSON! BEST BELIEVE, SON!]

@ZumaDogg [01/18/12]: Good, Bad & Mostly Ugly
ZumaDoggVillaraigosa HATES when I say he's made man in Mexican Mafia. Sorry, brutha, you're only, "honorary member" of Jewish, Korean, etc. Mafias.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:52:41 pm
ZumaDoggAnswer to, "Where is Zuma Dogg in council," as searched on Google, today, and asked by overseas college reporter: Currently mostly disabled.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:50:23 pm
ZumaDoggKOREATOWN bribe-taking not only INSPECTORS. ZD=sent DETAILED report of interviews from community SCARED of HERB's DEPUTY! BRIBE or NO DICE!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:46:47 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: What are you gonna do when ZD shows up for public comment w report on YOUR DEPUTY taking BRIBES in KOREATOWN=or NO PERMITS! #MB
Wed Jan 18 - 8:44:37 pm
ZumaDoggCRIMINAL CHARGES TO BE FILED on KOREATOWN developer ALEXANDER HUGH. HERB WESSON'S DISTRICT! Plus, 3 FBI busts for Herb's district in 2011.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:41:31 pm
ZumaDoggTHOSE who think City Council Presidents Garcetti/Wesson CANNOT be held PERSONALLY libel for 1stAmend violations, NEED TO READ NEW PRECEDENT!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:38:56 pm
Wed Jan 18 - 8:37:20 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON=to be delivered HARSHEST REALITY at hands of the People as ANY elected official EVER has, by L.A.'s LEGAL FEDERAL DUO=DOWD/DOGG!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:36:26 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: Better check yo' self, before I wreck yo' self! I don't think you know SHIT about Brown Act, PUNK-BITCH! Don't get it twisted.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:34:01 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON CUTS OFF SPEAKER during Public Comment to say, "We are going to run this meeting w/respect." Nice concept, ILLEGAL INTERRUPTION!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:32:36 pm
ZumaDoggWESSON: ONLY Councilmember to LOSE temper; run to back of chambers; and LAY HANDS on ZD. COP had to run over to REMOVE Herb's hand from ZD!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:31:24 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: Wondering HOW ZD could disrespect him, this way; not realizing Wesson ain't SHIT, but a BULLSHIT, punk-ass, greedy politician.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:25:25 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: You ain't gonna be nothing but a smashed bug against the windshield of DOWD/DOGG, as we take you ALL the way down in FED court!
Wed Jan 18 - 8:22:43 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg & Matt Dowd gonna figuratively rub Herb Wesson into the ground w our shoes, like one of his discarded City Hall cigarette butts.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:20:49 pm
ZumaDogg#TRUTANICH=BEYOND SHAMELESS: Now saying, since FEDS are shutting down medijuana collectives, L.A. should, first. NO, let FEDS incur costs.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:13:45 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON AIN'T GONNA MAKE IT AS COUNCIL PREZ: He don't know the rules; got a short temper; he's too thin skinned. He'll step down, soon.
Wed Jan 18 - 8:10:38 pm
ZumaDoggHERB WESSON: Please deny publicly that you did NOT have LAPD called to your home for DOMESTIC ABUSE and YOU had cops leave YOUR scene. YES?
Wed Jan 18 - 8:04:41 pm
Wed Jan 18 - 8:03:26 pm
ZumaDoggVIOLATION: Punk-President Herb Wesson to be named PERSONALLY: Says, "We are going to run these meetings with respect." RESPECT NOT REQUIRED!
Wed Jan 18 - 7:59:16 pm
ZumaDoggKinda sad, I am going to be found dead, of my disability, that has high death rate, cause no friends around to help. It is, what it is.
Wed Jan 18 - 6:34:59 pm
ZumaDoggToday is as good a day to be dead from my disability, I am trying to get a reader/pal to help me w today so I can live on. Not happening.
Wed Jan 18 - 6:33:08 pm
ZumaDoggIf someone isn't able to meet me, in person, soon, to help w something that won't cost you any money, I am going to be in danger situation.
Wed Jan 18 - 6:14:03 pm
ZumaDoggI need someone to meet me in person, now, in Venice/Santa Monica area. Call me if you be here.Won't cost you any money. But, need your help.
Wed Jan 18 - 6:11:56 pm
ZumaDogg@BarackObama & @USMayors@Villaraigosa: Bringing U "Fast & Furious, U.S.A.!" Obama ships cartel weapons & Villar lets 'em drive, unlicensed!
Wed Jan 18 - 5:52:23 pm
ZumaDogg@SnoopDogg: Thanks for doing this video ID for my TV show, "Zuma Dogg," back in the day @Venice. CLASSIC! VIDEO:
Wed Jan 18 - 5:50:20 pm
ZumaDoggLAPD: 2 feet also found in Hollywood Hills, close to where 2 hands were found. Head found yesterday. [Well, it's ALL coming together, now!]
Wed Jan 18 - 5:43:31 pm
ZumaDoggANYONE mafia boss/associate who doesn't like nature or direction of my tweets. TOO FUCKING BAD! L.A. owes me $! My disability getting WORSE!
Wed Jan 18 - 5:31:21 pm
ZumaDoggRT @WendyGreuel: With Jerry Brown at today's state of the State address in Los Angeles. [Offers NO info, except SHE is w Governor!]
Wed Jan 18 - 5:27:37 pm
ZumaDoggOnce someone crosses the line=is dirty, corrupt, shameless LIAR & DESTROYS lives by DESTROYING L.A., I'll throw you under bus, for sport. ;)
Wed Jan 18 - 5:22:43 pm
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg Tweets About His Conversations With FBI About L.A. City Hall -- AND, Zuma Dogg…
Wed Jan 18 - 5:19:44 pm
ZumaDoggEricGarcetti/HerbWesson should hire outside counsel to verify ZD's claim; THEY CAN BE NAMED PERSONALLY on my 1stAmend lawsuit=NEW PRECEDENT.
Wed Jan 18 - 5:08:32 pm
ZumaDoggDOWD/DOGG SUIT:Venice part of 1stAmend suit was ruled by Judge in '10. City Hall public comment ruling in '12. Wesson/Garcetti to be named!
Wed Jan 18 - 5:06:15 pm
ZumaDoggThis week's @LACityCouncil "Member of the Week"=@BernardCParks for steady tweets of meeting info. @CD12 ALREADY A LOCK 4 NEXT WEEK=LICENSES!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:59:49 pm
ZumaDoggRT @ericgarcetti: Listening to Gov. Brown discuss CA's economy & his VISION to create jobs.[Cause U don't have ANY! "I'm LISTENING, MOMMY!"]
Wed Jan 18 - 4:57:03 pm
ZumaDoggI BELIEVE everything @JerryBrownGOV says regarding what will happen if people don't vote for tax increases. '12/'13=IWORSE THAN PEOPLE KNOW.
Wed Jan 18 - 4:52:46 pm
ZumaDoggI have a feeling @JerryBrownGov isn't gonna get the tax hikes he's hoping people are going to impose on themselves. No offense to Jerry.
Wed Jan 18 - 4:51:25 pm
ZumaDoggFBI QUESTIONS ALATORRE ON $1 MIL. FBI PROBES @USMayors @VillaraigosaCommissions/Depts/Agencies. Villar says, "Congress gets an 'F' grade!"
Wed Jan 18 - 4:45:02 pm
ZumaDogg@USMayors @Villaraigosa: U hop up there like a little mexican mafia muppet and blame congress. Which Congress member has FBI investigating?
Wed Jan 18 - 4:42:16 pm
ZumaDoggAlatorre puppet, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gives Congress an "F" grade, noting that they flunked, they failed." HE'S INVESTIGATED BY #FBI!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:41:03 pm
ZumaDoggNEVER HEARD, "People in Glass City Halls": "Congress mid-term report card? Grade would be clear= F. Congress failed." Villaraigosa=SUCCESFUL
Wed Jan 18 - 4:39:43 pm
ZumaDoggOJ BLAMES "REAL KILLER": "If we gave Congress mid-term report card, grade would be clear, an F. Congress flunked. They failed." Villaraigosa
Wed Jan 18 - 4:38:17 pm
ZumaDoggLost RClemente, StevieR Vaughn, RValens, Skynyrd's VanZandt & so many others to air crashes. But, Villar flies all over=unscathed. A SHAME!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:30:40 pm
ZumaDoggRT @villaraigosa: I’m in Washington, D.C. this week for @usmayors 80th Winter Meeting. [Maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd's pilot can fly u back to LA.]
Wed Jan 18 - 4:27:02 pm
ZumaDoggWas told by some arrogant jackass, Elliot Broidy was "Untouchable" regarding pension fraud/abuse. So, ZD contacted ACuomo. Broidy in prison!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:23:08 pm
ZumaDoggHOW U KNOW YOU WON 'EM OVER?: When calling FBI, instead of them saying, "WHO is this? WHO are you?" They say, "Oh, Hi, Zuma Dogg!" (Cheery!)
Wed Jan 18 - 4:20:37 pm
ZumaDoggHOW U know=GOOD INFO: When speaking w FBI agent, and they say, "I have to go," and U say, "ONE more thing," and you speak another half hour.
Wed Jan 18 - 4:19:10 pm
ZumaDogg"Why would people working for the mayor's office tell YOU these things?," FBI agent to ZD. Hmmm, must have thought I had some GOOD stuff!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:17:19 pm
ZumaDogg@JillStewart FBI to ZD: "Gave file on @WendyGreuel to my associate who knows more about this area, than I do." So there IS a file on Wendy!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:14:05 pm
ZumaDoggFBI AGENT to ZD: "I gave the file on @WendyGreuel to my associate who knows more about this area, than I do." So there IS a file on Wendy!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:13:00 pm
ZumaDoggWant to know what FBI is investigating @LACityHall? Watch THIS: on what FBI agents told me AND FBI informants!
Wed Jan 18 - 4:11:35 pm
Wed Jan 18 - 4:03:12 pm
Wed Jan 18 - 3:54:35 pm
ZumaDoggMikeTrujillo, "No one is after you, Zuma Dogg" ZD, "How do YOU know?" MikeTrujillo, (shouting), "I'M THE ONE WHO MAKES THOSE ARRANGEMENTS!"
Wed Jan 18 - 3:36:10 pm
ZumaDoggSome folks=still FIRED UP for Obama. Next 2 yrs, U.S. will become SO PAINFUL, he will be booed like Sinead O'Connor @MSG, WHEREVER HE GOES!
Wed Jan 18 - 3:32:05 pm
ZumaDoggBy the time Barack Obama is done with his term (this one, or next one) things will be SO painful in U.S., he won't be able to be in public.
Wed Jan 18 - 3:29:33 pm
ZumaDoggNext year or post term, Barack Obama will suffer WORST post-Presidency life in history. Public outrage will hold him hostage=A bubble world.
Wed Jan 18 - 3:28:41 pm
ZumaDoggWish it was my head found by Hollywood sign. Then, my nightmare of day to day life of disability would be over. Among toughest to live with.
Wed Jan 18 - 3:20:16 pm
ZumaDoggRT @myfoxla: Severed head investigation... Now LAPD briefing media.... They've found a second hand. [Hope that's it. 3rd Hand=bad sign!]
Wed Jan 18 - 3:17:13 pm
ZumaDoggHerb Wesson: The Dowd/Dogg lawsuit is being amended to NAME YOU PERSONALLY, as well. Better hire OUTSIDE COUNSEL to confirm, YOU R ON HOOK!
Wed Jan 18 - 2:39:03 pm
ZumaDoggSome LYING ASSHOLE tweets me that I am so valuable/hang in there. BULLSHIT! THERE IS NO VALUE TO ZD! WHY I am LITERALLY DYING of no food.
Wed Jan 18 - 2:25:03 pm
ZumaDoggIn a moment of collective consciousness, as you read this tweet, begin praying for the lord above, to take my life, today. IT NEEDS TO END!
Wed Jan 18 - 2:19:57 pm
ZumaDoggMICHAEL TRUJILLO of @VillaraigosaMexican Mafia fame: You KNOW you drink too much, and we used to talk on the phone a lot. U SPILLED BEANS!
Wed Jan 18 - 2:07:53 pm
ZumaDoggI guess if there is a MEXICAN MAFIA, they have NOTHING to do with L.A. City politics and Villaraigosa & Michael Trujillo are NOT part of it.
Wed Jan 18 - 2:06:23 pm
ZumaDoggWe got Mexican Mafia/made-man Mike Trujuillo working on Redisrticting map & MORONS like KIIM THOMPSON who are so desperate=she goes along.
Wed Jan 18 - 2:04:48 pm
ZumaDoggYou got a Mexican Mafia"made man" working on LA CIty Redisrticting maps, and MORONS like KIIM THOMPSON who are so desperate, she goes along.
Wed Jan 18 - 2:00:47 pm
ZumaDogg32X INDICTED L.A. CITY COUNCILMAN RICHARD ALARCON has a court date in the CRIMINAL Courts Building, this morning. LOL! CRIMINAL court!.
Wed Jan 18 - 7:50:02 am
ZumaDoggRT @CityMaven #CD15 is a wrap, even if 100% of votes aren't in. Check back in a.m. for final tally. [I ALREADY POSTED, LAST NIGHT! THANKS!]
Wed Jan 18 - 7:44:50 am
ZumaDoggPeople LOVE telling they want to help ZD get new shirts made, get me lunch, help support. NEVER HAPPENS=I AM DYING OF HEALTH ISSUE, INSTEAD.
Wed Jan 18 - 7:37:06 am
ZumaDoggIf my blog goes dark/don't see tweets for 24 hs, not cause of SOPA blackout. Because I haven't eaten, have disability and dropped of stroke.
Wed Jan 18 - 7:34:17 am
ZumaDoggIf you were thinking of visiting or helping ZD, but have just been too lazy, TODAY is a REALLY good day to help. HEALTH ISSUE! PLEASE HELP!
Wed Jan 18 - 7:32:32 am
ZumaDoggIf U R reading this=have been a reader/fan of Zuma Dogg over the years, I need support today. Turns into SERIOUS health crisis if unchecked.
Wed Jan 18 - 7:30:45 am
ZumaDoggDear Readers, I need to eat some food & get some nutrition into my body, soon. Can someone help me out, today. PayPal or meet me in person.
Wed Jan 18 - 7:29:08 am
ZumaDoggZuma Dogg - L.A. City News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @newsmediatweets
Wed Jan 18 - 1:00:23 am
ZumaDoggL.A. CITY LAUNCHES HOMELESS OUTREACH CAMPAIGN: We took the money for shelter & services and pilfered/wasted it. Find nice spot on sidewalk.
Wed Jan 18 - 12:42:32 am
ZumaDoggCommon, y' many times have I said, "Hear the drummer get WI-CKET!" Y'all KNOW I drop that. REAL guy who says it=FOLLOWED ZD, today!
Wed Jan 18 - 12:40:42 am
ZumaDoggZumaDogg, I escaped from the pen. I'm not a lame rapper, cause I'm not Eminem. ZD's Legendary videos online:
Wed Jan 18 - 12:24:30 am
ZumaDoggZumaDogg, I'm real & youre fake; I'm a much better dancer, than JustinTimberlake. ZumaDogg, do what I say, I'll even out-rap LL Cool J!
Wed Jan 18 - 12:20:26 am
ZumaDoggZumaDogg, I'm insane; & a much better lyricist than KurtCobain. ZumaDogg, you're playin' w toys; I'm droppin' doper beats than @BeastieBoys!
Wed Jan 18 - 12:16:12 am
ZumaDoggL.A. City Council votes to require condoms during porno shoots. WHO is gonna monitor /enforce that? Inspector General of L.A. porno shoots?
Wed Jan 18 - 12:08:18 am
ZumaDoggACE SMITH: You pay blogger to put out press releases for you, and on the day your mob backed candidate wins, she goes to sleep before FINAL?
Tue Jan 17 - 11:49:36 pm
ZumaDoggREMEMBER JOE (New LACity Councilman): Organized political mafia ring backed you. L.A. Port is in YOUR district. You earn EXTRA CUT for BOSS!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:47:54 pm
ZumaDoggLA's political mafia backs winner in LA City Council election. Fast & Furious LA, lives! BUSCANIO=BACKED BY Michael Trujillo. SAYS IT ALL!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:45:26 pm
ZumaDoggFINAL RESULTS: JOE BUSCAINO WINS Los Angeles City Council CD 15 Seat of L.A.'s Most Notorious…
Tue Jan 17 - 11:40:51 pm
ZumaDoggCongratulations to #JoeBuscaino=newest member of L.A.'s most notorious gang. @LACityCouncil.Gets to ride in "non-profit $ grab" getaway car!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:36:42 pm
ZumaDogg11:24 PM UPDATE - 91% REPORTING - JOE BUSCAINO=9,133/60.65%, WARREN FURUTANI=5,925/39.35% (Going wrong way for WF. Goodnight, y'all.) OVER!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:32:49 pm
ZumaDoggCity of L.A. HATES political rappers like Zuma Dogg & Chuck D. They'll try ANY shady BS to shut us down. NEVER works/calls MORE attention!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:30:24 pm
ZumaDogg11:05 PM- 73% REPORTING - CD 15 @LACityCouncil Election: JOE BUSCAINO=58.53%, WARREN FURUTANI=41.47% [Tough to close w/remaining votes.]
Tue Jan 17 - 11:27:01 pm
ZumaDoggRT @demingSoS: "Everyone is born a genius, society de-genius them." Buckminster Fuller #Deming14Points
Tue Jan 17 - 11:24:43 pm
ZumaDoggIF YOU TIED BOTH HANDS BEHIND @LACityCouncil's BACK; GAG & BLIND-FOLDED=hard to believe they could do much worse:
Tue Jan 17 - 11:22:48 pm
ZumaDoggHOW TO LOSE CUSTOMERS: Treat them as @LACityCouncil #LAHD (Housing Dept) treated residents. #FBI now probes. Biz/Residents left! NO REVENUE!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:21:58 pm
ZumaDoggGood thing politicians are elected by special interests/unions=not grassroot voters.Why CityHall moves ahead against ALL COMMUNITY FEEDBACK!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:20:50 pm
ZumaDoggSTRIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT!: In '11, #FBI made 3 busts for bribery. 2 Building & Safety Inspectors and 1 Housing Dept. All 3=HERB WESSON's CD10!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:19:45 pm
ZumaDoggL.A. Mayoral Forums: Have BIG $ City Hall officials say how WONDERFULLY they did, as #FBI investigates their departs & offices. Keep ZD OUT!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:10:56 pm
ZumaDoggL.A. Mayoral Candidate Debates & Forums: Base who participates, on how much $ you raise. Hear LIES from BIG MONEY. KEEP OUT TRUTH of PEOPLE!
Tue Jan 17 - 11:07:32 pm
ZumaDoggWhen I see @MrChuckD and Public Enemy doing show at L.A. skid row, makes me remember, they took $ for shelter and gave to L.A. billionaires.
Tue Jan 17 - 10:49:50 pm
ZumaDoggChuck D gets "LA Weekly treatment": NY rapper has ZumaDogg-like issues trying to rap a political message in LA:

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