Wednesday, January 4, 2012

@ZumaDogg Tweets on L.A. City News & L.A. City Hall for 1/0412 [MASSIVE NEWS UPDATES!]

[PICTURED: Wendy, you've been using that SAME picture for over a DECADE, now. We'd ALL like to use pictures of our "leaner/fresher looking days." But we are MAYORAL candidates. Not auditioning for a TV game show. STOP PORTRAYING FAKE IMAGE LIKE WIZARD OF OZ! PLUS, it's not good when people see you in 2012, when they are expecting to see the person in the only picture they have ever seen, and they get a glimpse of "Heavy-Wendy." We LOVE you, Wendy, cause you are such a thorough, aggressive, cutting-edge, investigative LEADER! We accept you for what you now look like in 2012! AND ZD IS MR. GLASS HOUSES IN THIS DEPARTMENT! WAIT TILL YOU SEE UNCLE ZD, NEXT TIME! My friend says, "you HAVE been living dogg years, ZD."]

ALSO: Scan tweets from @LACityNews @LACityCouncil @DavidSaltsburg (2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate), @WendyGreuel (2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate), @EricGarcetti (2013 L.A. Mayoral Candidate), [Gonna add @JanPerry, cause I like her more than Wendy & Eric, anyway), @WallStWatch AND @OccupyTweets (take your pick depending if you are 1% or 99%), @USAElections12, @LAMarijuanaNews and the LOSER of the Year, so far in 2012, @CarmenTrutanich, who not only is being hammered from ALL SIDES over his, "condom use on porno shoots," ANTI-PUBLIC HAVING A SAY-SO stance -- in the embedded TWITTER column, on right hand side of this blog. L.A. fastest news wire for LA City News. Try it and see.
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