Thursday, February 16, 2012

VIDEO: Share a warm and fuzzy moment with Zuma Dogg (Lionel & Shania) - Zuma Dogg LIVE Rehearsal "Endless Love" (New 2012 Remake of Timeless Classic)

Sometimes ZD likes to throw some "warm & fuzzy" energy, out there, in between L.A. City Council public comment performances. THIS is more the type of performance I was USED to doing at Venice Beach boardwalk, BEFORE L.A. City Council and Carmen Trutanich ILLEGALLY prevented me, for FIVE YEARS...and I had to SUE in Federal Court to get them to finally STOP, which the judge made them do. (STOP!) BUT NOW, I'm reduced to spreading sunshine from inside my SSI "disabled" singing rehearsal studios, of which there are no longer any LIVE performances. But, thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can still spread a LITTLE love, best I can. This "one take" has it's moments, though I'm still workin' it out, during the recording, which is why it's a "rehearsal take," but good enough for a blog post. Hope you feel warmer and fuzzier after my best attempt, for today, to help uplift as many spirits, as I possibly can.

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