Friday, February 17, 2012

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BUSTS L.A. City Hall on 1st Amendment Violation -- WHILE WALKING IN THE DOOR!

A person is not required to show identification to enter L.A. City Hall to attend the Council meetings. I, for one, do not like giving city hall (government) my personal info, like home address, to speak out against their corruption, on record (chilling effect). LOOK how HARD it was, today, to get them to give me the visitor pass, to enter city hall, for the meeting. It's MORE than anyone would be reasonably expected to endure. Imagine people who do not have ID, or also are scared to show it to the government -- prior to speaking out, when they see a line of people with a cop telling them to hand over their ID, and everyone else is doing it...because, as you can takes a HELL of a lot to get Los Angeles City Hall police to comply with the law. WHY DID I HAVE TO SAY SOME MAGIC "OPEN SESAME" WORD??? A SECOND cop is called over, and tells me I have to say the words, "Brown Act," to get the visitor pass. WHY??? All I know is, I wanted to go to the meeting without showing ID, and told the cop -- and THAT is the point. The point are not required to show ID to enter the city hall for the council meeting...and you are NOT required to be an attorney to state the name of the law...ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE???? THIS WILL be pursued, in some form, at some time. MEANWHILE...STOP NOW!

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