Friday, March 9, 2012

#FBI: How Come Zuma Dogg's Blog Posts Are Not Appearing On Google Search Engines, Anymore. WHO Could Make THAT Happen, and WHY? (CERTAINLY It Wouldn't/Couldn't Be The FBI?)

Since L.A.'s blogging, political KINGPIN (Zuma Dogg) has noticed his blog posts are not appearing on the Google search engines, ever since "Zuma Dogg's Final Report to FBI on Los Angeles Housing Dept" was posted (after being faxed to FBI). If someone is taking measures to prevent my blog posts on this matter to be seen, FIRST of all, HERE is a newly posted, repost of the article ZD couldn't find the link to on Google, anymore.

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg EXPOSES L.A. Housing and Building & Safety CORRUPTION (Under Carmen Trutanich's Clown Nose) - As Investigated by FBI

Secondly, if measures are being take to prevent this (and all my other posts on LAHD/Building & Safety, focusing on Koreatown) from being seen, MAYBE, it's because there is an investigation they don't want ZD to reveal un-revealed details of. (Even though, by the time ZD blogs it, it's too late, don't you think?)

Thirdly, here are MORE tweets on the matter, that luckily you won't see, cause my posts are not making it to Google search engines. HOPE THE FBI FIXES IT! HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!:


  • Umm...if you like my blog,, better take a look, now. It's possible a Google "glitch" may occur and disappear, entirely. about a minute ago
  • Ho Bhoy!: I really tweeted up a little fit. Oh well, I CAN claim SSI diagnosed disability, and I think we just saw it manifest. #nofilter 3 minutes ago
  • HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET, ZD doesn't get any RTs on the round of tweets below on #FBI? (Where the cricket sounds, Fred?) 6 minutes ago
  • Wanna know LATEST on what #FBI is interested in? Just call em up w some info. Before you know it, you know MORE than when you called. #DUMB! 8 minutes ago
  • ZD's MAIN informant of #FBI investigation into L.A. City Hall has been #FBI agents. I feel like Columbo, sucking info out of em, every time! 11 minutes ago
  • YES, ZD HAS LOST IT! KINGPIN ZD can't see his posts on Google, and feels if #FBI didn't cause it, they can FIX IT and HOPE they do! #ZD=TV35 16 minutes ago
  • Can't see my posts on Google and feel #FBI should be able to fix it/When I spoke w agents=never said I couldn't reveal what they said on TV! 17 minutes ago
  • #FBI: I know YOU like doing work, then sticking in a drawer for no one to see; but when ZD writes a report, he likes it to appear on Google. 21 minutes ago
  • #FBI: I can't see my posts on Google. Can u fix? Reduced platform makes ZD want to go on TV=do VH1 Style "Behind The Music" of ZD/FBI talk. 22 minutes ago
  • #FBI: I can't see my blog posts on Google. Please fix, or I'll have to go on Citywide TV 35 and talk about my discussions with FBI agents. 24 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Is it illegal Quid-Pro-Quo if Meyers-Nave attorneys gave $ to #Trutanich LA City Attny campaign=then HE HIRES them as outside counsel? 26 minutes ago
  • #FBI: #Trutanich hired outside counsel Meyers-Nave/his campaign contributors, instead of paying my WINNING FED suit settlement, 4 MUCH LESS! 29 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Trutanich hired OUTSIDE COUNSEL (Meyers-Nave) to drag out my winning FED lawsuit settlement, cause they contributed to his campaign. 35 minutes ago
  • @springsteen You are a GREAT gospel revival act, Bruce. Seeing "Badlands" listed as "gospel" in karaoke listing made it click! Forever Blue!37 minutes ago
  • City Hall violated my 1st Amendment Rights for 5 yrs; and after I BEAT them in FEDERAL court, gave me WRONG ANSWER on settlement=MORE FEDS! 42 minutes ago
  • After I called FBI on pension FRAUD/gave, an hour later, EVERY PENSION POST from '08 was MOST VIEWED! #suresign49 minutes ago
  • HOW I KNOW FBI=INTERESTED IN PENSION FRAUD: I called back to leave 1 more detail & reception said, "Agent went upstairs to tell boss." #dumb51 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Since I can't see my post on Google=to prove YOUR witnesses SING to ZD: Then HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW UNCOVERED SPECIFICS OF LAHD probe? 55 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Since I can't see my post on Google, to prove YOUR witnesses SING to ZD: Were u probing All Access=funnel for illegal contributions?56 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Since I can't see my post on Google=to prove YOUR witnesses SING to ZD: Have you been looking into Taylor Yard/DWP land flip. Meurello 57 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Since I can't see my post on Google, to prove YOUR witnesses SING to ZD: Last year, were U trying to sort out CLARTS fund $ transfers? 58 minutes ago
  • HA HA!: #FBI can't keep their investigation of L.A. City Hall under wraps, cause MULTIPLE witnesses ALSO told ZD=EVERYTHING/Same Stuff! DOH! about an hour ago
  • Find out WHY FBI may TRY to DENY your EYE: I posted, "Report to FBI on LAHD," and ZD posts no longer appear on Google. an hour ago
  • Is #FBI doesn't want you to read? Magically, my posts no longer appear on Google. WHO could make THAT happen? about an hour ago
  • Watch out for Annette Meyers, for D.A., now that MTrujillo dropped out. She's backed by Obama/KHarris and RICO Mafia NEEDS D.A. in pocket. about an hour ago
  • RT @thecitymaven: Quality of life issues are pushing communities to embrace public transit, @WendyGreuel. [Any #'s/facts to back up claim?] about an hour ago
  • RT @thecitymaven: . @WendyGreuel says the Mayor's office should include a deputy mayor for design and architecture. #clueless #duplicative about an hour ago
  • #FBI: See L.A. Council #Wesson's campaign contributions. 1/3 of contributions came from K-town=$84,000/BIG amount for SMALL area. shakedown?about an hour ago
  • @Villaraigosa@LACityCouncil, but ESPECIALLY #Trutanich. Rittenberg/Fox gave ZD wrong answer. Hope U enjoyed past month. Guess what's next? about an hour ago
  • @LACityCouncil@villaraigosa#HerbWesson: Rittenberg/DebFox gave ZD (KINGPIN) wrong answer, so threw Wesson under bus w FBI on Ktown bribes. about 2 hours ago
  • @villaraigosa@EricGarcetti#HerbWesson @DennisPZine: In case u r wondering=Rittenberg/Fox gave ZD WRONG answer=so I sent FBI on LAHD. NEXT! about 2 hours ago
  • PIC: New game show. Streets of Rosendal's CD11, or Santa Monica? A: Rosendahl's former jewel, Rose Ave. 2 hours ago
  • At least Rose Ave & 3rd in Rosendahl's Venice is made of cement. Looks like OccupyLA skid row camp. No grass to kill, like at city hall. :)about 2 hours ago
  • PIC: New game show; Rosendalh's Venice or Santa Monica. A: Homeless sleeping in front of Rose Ave store @8pm=Venice. 2 hours ago
  • PIC: New game show by ZD. "Identify the street pole." Rosendalh's CD 11, or Santa Monica? (Go with your instinct.) 2 hours ago
  • If u run bar/restaurant on Rose Ave in Rosendahl's CD11, u r luckly. LAPD lets patrons smoke&drink on sidewalk, though parents stroll kids.about 2 hours ago
  • I'm off duty, so I'll let it slide, w out a scene, but Whole Foods/Venice has jazz combo playing inside. Don't have entertainment permit.about 3 hours ago
  • Faxed report to FBI on LAHD/then posted it online. Since then, my posts are not appearing on Google. Says to ZD=FBI is investigating report.about 4 hours ago
  • I noticed my recent blog posts, past month, since "Report to FBI on LA Housing" have disappeared off Google. WONDER who can do that & why? about 4 hours ago

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