Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zuma Dogg on Peter Tilden Show (790-KABC) Wendy Greuel EXPOSED and FBI Update on City Hall, Villaraigosa & Overall Contracting Shadiness (GOOD CALL ON CITY HALL!!!)

If you read my tweets, you know ZD ain't doing too good, and I do wonder if each day is gonna be my last. But, it's moments like THESE I live for. I've just LOVED calling into radio stations, since a kid, when I would pester Top-40 DJs to play my favorite song.

Eventually, when my six year old voice deepened, the DJs liked using me to record for "on-air" requests. (The monster was unleashed!)

Even after a decade-plus radio career, working at the TOP radio companies and radio stations in Top 10 markets like Houston, D.C., NYC & L.A. -- I STILL LOVE CALLING INTO RADIO. It's a medium for lonely people, and especially the late night shows, ZD had called into, over the past six years, on KABC-790, since my first call to Mr. KABC (Marc Germain), BEFORE my first trip to city hall, about Venice Beach boardwalk laws -- to ask Marc HIS opinion, because I honestly wasn't sure of the laws at the time, and wanted his take.

NOW, it's been hundred and hundreds of calls on all the radio stations, in L.A., but I still LOVE rolling across the airwaves, even more than TV.

AND, I REALLY LOVE PETER TILDEN'S COVERAGE OF L.A. CITY HALL and his interviews of cartoon character elected officials like DENNIS P. ZINE & WENDY GREUEL. Peter does the interview YOU would be doing...NOT letting them wiggle out of not answering the question. (Even though they never do.) AND, his coverage is not juvenile, with this nutty, "cut their salaries/make them part time" talk. Peter is having some folks tutor him, I suspect, cause he turned into ZD -- WAY TOO QUICKLY with his knowledge of the BIG ISSUES that has already destroyed the character and fabric of Los Angeles for a "Rocket Man," long, long time.

HERE'S MY CALL INTO PETER TILDEN'S SHOW ON KABC-790 from 04-24-12. Good talk on Greuel, Villaraigosa, FBI probe of L.A. Housing Dept, shady GPS and downtown camera contracts. Then fun banter between Peter and his producer over the "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" issue. Hey, TILDEN! NO, you DON'T have to be that honest! VOTE ZUMA DOGG! ;) And, William Shatner was the guest before Zuma Dogg. So it was a pretty star-studded night!

AND HERE'S LAST WEEK'S CALL (My first call into his show.):

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