Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VENICE PERFORMER "Zuma Dogg" Establishes Himself As Top U.S. Rock Vocal Performer on This LIVE Version of "More Than A Feeling," by BOSTON

If one were to attempt to prove total vocal performing dominance in the "rock"'s a three word audition: "She slipped away..." (Even if you have to stretch, "away," into about four "hey-heys," it's still officially only three words.) Yes, those three words Brad Delp once uttered (shouted) over the soaring guitar riffs of Tom Scholz, in the Boston classic, "More Than A Feeling." Additionally, the song ("More Than A Feeling") is a "check-mate" crowd pleaser, when one must address the masses, on mic. Something about the song, when I used to sing it on the Venice Beach boardwalk that makes people smile. It IS basically an old time "show tune," melody -- set to the most awesome monster sound in recorded history. So here is the Zuma Dogg ROCK & ROLL CHALLENGE: Find me another living human being, who can top the final, "she slipped away," in this early morning, one take performance by L.A. legendary icon, Zuma Dogg. (Does this performance clearly establish him as the top overall performing vocalist in America, with a repertoire that spans from AC/DC to Barbara Streisand. (Oh, wait, that's only a two letter span...but you know what I mean.) I KNOW it's only me...but I think ZD IS INDEED heir to the Brad Delp vocal thrown! Check the final, "she slipped away," y'all...pop culture iconicness at it's finest, untouchable, untoppableness.


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