Friday, June 15, 2012

Meet Dead Horse Jackass Clown, L.A. Shitty Attorney CARMEN TRUTANICH, TUES. JUNE 19, 2012 at Venice Neighborhood Council Meeting (Meet A Lying Clown, And Ask A Question - To Hear A LIAR'S Answer)

VNC Board Meeting with Special Guest: 
Jackass Clown/Shitty Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich

On Tuesday, June 19, at 7:00pm Venice Neighborhood Council Board welcomes Special Guest City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, to discuss issues of concern to Venetians. A question-and-answer session will follow.

The Board will also elect a Community Officer to fill the vacant seat, as well as a new Land Use and Planning Committee member to fill the seat recently vacated by Susan Papadakis.

The Board meeting held at Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, starting at 7pm. Refreshments will be served compliments of Whole Foods Venice.

@ZumaDogg on #JackAssClownTrutanich:

GIVE RT: Zuma Dogg to deliver HUMILIATING ROAST of #Trutanich, for audience, before/as he enters 6/19 VNC meeting @ Westminster School/7p.

ZumaDogg: ZD does TREMENDOUS political PR damage at big town hall forums, as crowd enters/waits, before meeting. "ZD TRUTANICH ROAST" will DEVESTATE.

ZumaDogg: #TRUTANICH once walked to ZD, put his hands around my throat & shook my head. If he does, Tues, I kick away at his bad knee in self defense.

ZumaDogg: IS THE CLOWN KIDDING HIMSELF? #TRUTANICH gonna walk in DOWD/DOGG's hometown Venice NC meeting, in front of our cameras? Don't think he will.

ZumaDogg: DOWD/DOGG: Just batters up for hire w a guitar fire, ready and aimed at YOU, #TRUTANICH. 6/19 @ 7p. We will salute YOU! #OnCameraDisgracing

ZumaDogg: #TRUTANICH better have a chat w #DebFox of #MeyersNave. DOWD/DOGG read city contract. Deb is in violation/out of control. To become issue.

ZumaDogg: Gonna be a sight to see when defeated, dead-horse clown #Trutanich shows bloated-face @ Venice 6/19 NC meeting. HE LEAVES FURTHER DISGRACED!

ZumaDogg: See laughing stock clown Carmen #Trutanich, face to face & ask a question=Tues 6/19 @ Venice NC Meeting/7p, Westminster School/AbbottKinney.

ZumaDogg: Tues, June 19 Chief Disgraced Clown, Trutanich dares show his face at Venice NC. Is gonna go BADLY for him. HISTORIC BAD=on camera.

ZumaDogg: TRUTANICH thinks he can show up at Rosencock's Venice NC meeting and not run away in worst on-camera disgrace of his life? ZD BUZZSAW AHEAD.
ZumaDogg: Carmen The Clown Trutanich is gonna get a Matt Dowd/Zuma Dogg, on-camera bamboozle when chump-bitch shows his face at Venice NC on Tues.

ZumaDogg: First, Trutanich ran for D.A., after promise he'd run for 2 City terms. Watch him NOT run for 2nd term=THEN HE'LL BE 2-TIME CAMPAIGN LIAR:


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