Monday, June 11, 2012

CITIZEN'S ALERT!: Shady, Low Performing, Illegally Operating LAUSD Charter THREATENS Mayor Sam Blogger with SLAP Lawsuit, FOR EXPOSING THE TRUTH!

RE: MAYOR SAM'S BLOG: A Bloggin Response to Academia Semillas del Pueblo "Cease and Desist Request", BRING IT ON! -- Academia Semillas del Pueblo's Charter School "Cease and Desist Letter" to blogger Scott Johnson

I think the Costco pizza grease that shady, illegally operating, beyond low performing, financial boondoggle LAUSD Charter (Un)Academia de Salmonella (or whatever you call the sham/scam of public dollars) is serving students must have clogged the brain arteries of school administrative, crybaby-losers.

Cause NOW, they are about to have a WHOLE lot more attention focused on their stupidity.

MUCH MORE TO COME...TRUST ME! This will end up getting the school in their own legal hot mess, the prophet does believe, because their house is very fragile glass...and they are about to be hammered by publicity anvils, from above.

They better dig a hole and irrigate themselves some water, to drink out of their superior cupped hands. It's gonna get HOT, dummies.

Jose Huizar & Monica Garcia, you DUMB mafia-puppet, morons. Better tell your crew to fasten the basson. Huizar is an #FBI INVESTIGATED CHUMP in a suit (probably paid for with CLARTS fund money) -- and Monica was questioned by #FBI.

Hey Jose, How's your girl, Carmen, Bitch? LOL!

I feel very sad and sorry for the brainwashed kids who think they are getting a proper education to prepare them for jobs and society, only to find out, they are the dumbest of LAUSD dumb, low performers; and their dance recital ain't gonna get 'em very far, in life.
Click here for Mayor Sam's blog post of this issue to see what this is all about. Can't be letting no criminal thugs threaten 1st Amendment blog rights.

AND HERE'S MORE ON THE SCHOOL IN QUESTION: READ THIS..."The Story of Pueblo De (Salmonella) Semilla" Read the SHADIEST story in ZD's six year's of blogging. THIS is THE best investigative report you've seen.

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