Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NEW by ZUMA DOGG - "DOWN THE AISLE" (A Wedding Song for Veterans)

Here is something very special that I recorded. The music track is mastered, but the vocal is still DEMO quality, but, I really hope you give this a listen: It's called, "Down The Aisle," and is a wedding song written for veterans and the one who waited faithfully for their return. Now, disabled and home, he proposes to the one who waited. NOT a downer, at all. An UPLIFTING song. (I hope disabled veterans agree.)  Creating this song was a very emotional process. Imagining a guy in a wheel chair singing it over the phone to his girlfriend, wondering if she still wants him, may have been why.

"Down The Aisle" by Zuma Dogg

Thinking about you, standing there on your own. Are you thinking of me, sitting here all alone? I'm off the Yellow Brick Road, and down the aisle, I'll go.

Calling, to tell, that I love you. Only one thing to do. Calling, to tell you, right now, something I'm thinking about: That I want to marry you.

Tell me, if I should tell you, that I'm in love with you, and that I want you to marry me.

You've been so good to me. Now, that I'm back home, I want to make you see, I'm off the Yellow Brick Road. And down the aisle, I'll go.

I wanted to write, something beautiful. So, I grabbed a picture of you and started thinking of you.

Wanna say, before it's just too late, I really think you're great, and I want to marry you.

It was a long war. We fought hardcore. You waited, faithfully, for me. Wasn't sure if I'd get home. You waited by the phone, always thinking of me.

Don't have to be lovers. I'll carry on, just as friends. I'm still here to support you, and this song is always just for you.

But, I've found, you stand on higher ground when you support someone. And, you're the one that I have found.

Time to bring in the wedding strings, show this engagement ring, and now say, 'I propose, to you.'

Down the aisle, I'll go. If down the aisle, you'll go. Down the aisle, I'll go. If down the aisle, you'll go.

If you agree to marry me, I'll get Bono to sing for you, 'With Or Without You." Travolta to dance for you. Snoop Dogg to rap for. Play 'Baby, I Love Your Way." Now, what do you have to say?

Down the aisle, we go. Down the aisle, we go.

Hear the tick of the clock? That's my love that won't stop.


Thank you so much to my songwriting partner, Al Fraser, who doesn't ask for credit, for creating this beat for ZD. [We got a reverse Elton John/Bernie Taupin relationship.]

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