Thursday, August 16, 2012

POLITICAL ALERT FROM ZUMA DOGG: "Your Insanity (It Bothers Me)" - About L.A. City Hall [6 yrs of ZD public comments in ONE song, to ROCK THE VOTE!]

Between my own insanity and L.A. City Hall's, we are proud parents of this new smash hit, with music by Taz Taylor, "Your Insanity (It Bothers Me)." 1000s of @ZumaDogg public comments, rolled into this ONE, quirky, 80's-style, early-MTV, #insane beat! (Thanks, a little, too? The beat is revealing, y'all.) GOTTA GIVE IT UP TO TAZ! @TheTazTaylor. And UN-GIVE it up to L.A. City Council and mafia-puppet/punk-ass-bitch, Antonio Viagraosa. Hi, Bill! (Aka: Spineless bitch!) THIS SONG IS A, "ROCK THE VOTE," SONG (If you want it to be.)

My contribution, since I'm no longer attending L.A. City Clouncil meetings, since I'm now, "Rocket Man (Not Tryin' To Be)." Because of Carmen Bitch-ass-tanich & Deb (Un)Fox(y) of Meyers-Nave (legal goofballs). BOTH BIG LOSERS TO ZD! But doesn't matter to me, or my mom, anymore. DROP DEAD...ALL OF YOU (IN ADDITION TO ROSENCOCK!) AND HERE'S THE REST OF (laptop demo) MASTERPIECE, "Bigger Than Thriller," with MORE HITS than, "Saturday Night Fever." A double album, anthology, "Greatest Hits/Best Of," as solo debut. #RWaters #BSpringsteen #PHewson #BTaupin #BDylan #ZDogg #ThatsAll [Seriously, takes a group an entire career to come up with this many hits in a month. And though I am not recording the music, I am picking/selecting the beats, from an infinite number, I have to listen through, online. (Which is what folks like Madonna do -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MS. HOTTIE!) And, am writing the words, then singing -- and most time consuming...producing/mixing the songs. I enjoy the process. But, it's only gonna sound, "so good," recording into my laptop mic. BUT...I enjoy listening. And that's what these songs are for. Hope you enjoy them, too.

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