Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"We've Only Just Begun" ) Carpenters Remake by Zuma Dogg

If you wanna prove you are an amazing vocalist, unfortunately, you also have to be an amazing producer. And if you wanna prove you are an amazing singer/performer, like I used to be at Venice Beach boardwalk, before 15 corrupt, law breaking, cocksucking, motherfucking, son-of-bitches, who I hope has their entire families wiped out and in tragic accidents (among other personal tragedies of Trutanich & City Council), so they can suffer, every day, like I do; you have to sing Karen Carpenter. (At least Rosendahl is getting his karma payback.) Here's as good as I can do, singing into a laptop mic. BONUS TRACK: I like listening to "vocal only" tracks on YouTube of my favorite singers like Bee Gees, Elton, Michael Jackson, etc. Here's the "vocal only" track of the song above. You can also hear all the ZD backing vocals, skeptics may have thought were built into the music track.) OTHER SONGS LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL BROKE FEDERAL LAW TO PREVENT ME FROM SINGING ON THE BOARDWALK. (People kinda used to like it, and I kinda used to have a functional life.)

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