Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What happened, Villaraigosa? You drove HOLLYWOOD out of Hollywood! Hey, City Clouncil...WHAT HAPPENED? He Richard alarCON...what about your big FilmLA task force, you rationalized the expense, over? And, of course to my good friends in the city accounting department; GUESS THE REVENUE PROJECTIONS FOR 2013 ARE GONNA BE WAAAAAAAAY OFF, A-GAIN...as the prophet has continued to warn. THIS AIN'T GOOD, Y'ALL...the city was expecting a BIG HOLLYWOOD REVIVAL, and padded the budget with the revenue, that L.A. Times just said PLUNGED. (Which is more than dropped.)

After two consecutive quarters of growth, feature film shoots on the streets of Los Angeles plunged in the third quarter.
On-location filming fell 21% in the three-month period ending Sept. 30, generating only 1,640 production days compared with the same period a year ago, according to a report from FilmL.A. Inc., the nonprofit group that handles film permits for the city. (One production day represents a crew's permission to film a single location in a 24-hour period.)
The slide in feature activity marks a stark turnaround from the first and second quarters, when film production rose 16% and 9%, respectively. The data apply to film shoots on streets and noncertified sound stages, as opposed to shooting on studio lots.
Film industry officials attributed the decrease to the ongoing rivalry from other states and foreign countries luring business away from Hollywood* and the fact that fewer feature projects qualified for California's film and television tax credit program this year.  [See #Deming's #14Points as to WHY this happened and HOW to bring it back/fix it, YOU MORONS WHO CREATED THE PROBLEM, AND ARE NOW RUNNING FOR HIGHER OFFICE. (They MUST be HIGH!) More on L.A. City Elections, at http://LACityElections.com.  More about a mafia puppet, elected with drug cartel (laundered) money, who OBAMA is using as puppet, in his re-election bid, who drove L.A. OUT OF BUSINESS at http://LACityMayor.com. And, L.A.'s bleak future for 2013 (events/info) is at http://LACity2013.com. A URL that is QUICKLY diminishing in value.

Full L.A. Times story.

Here's ZD's song about L.A. City Clouncil & Villagrossa - "Your Insanity (It Bothers Me)":

HERE'S A VIDEO ABOUT THAT ARROGANT, JACKASS PAUL "KRACKWHORIAN" KREKORIAN (Who needs a good ASS WHOPPIN')If you happen to bump into Paul, in the street/community, let him KNOW how you feel about him, and that you aren't fooled by his pompous-bullshit mouth.

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