Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FEDERAL DEPOSITION AUDIO: Deb Fox (Meyers-Nave) Interviews Zuma Dogg on Venice Beach 42.15 Lawsuit [COMPELLING & EDUCATIONAL AUDIO}

TRUST ME...this is better than ANY public comment rant you have ever heard by Zuma Dogg. TRUST ME, this is VERY INFORMATIVE; gives a nice little auto-biographical update of how your boy Uncle MC ZD is doing. But, more importantly, gives a little INSIGHT, as to WHERE L.A. CITY'S GENERAL FUND WENT (BESIDES THE SERVICES THEY PROMISED) -- AND HOW IT IS STILL BEING SPENT, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE SPENT, INTO 2013! (That's why I have http://LACity2013.com.) Here's a day in a life, as recanted over a VERY NICE conference table, overlooking the City of Los Angeles, who was LOSING DEFENDANT in this FEDERAL LAWSUIT, of which this deposition concerns. EXTRA, EXTRA...ZD is EXTRA-EXTRA (SOMETHING) that caused him to have to edit and post this, NOW!: Good morning, L.A. City Hall. Have you heard this, yet? Maybe I should come on down, for a little visit, on TV 35. I think I'm ready to start, again...You guys moved public comment to the end=EZ for a MADMAN ZD!!!

ENDED UP IN 72 HR #5150 LOCKDOWN/HOLD, less than 24 hrs after recording THIS music video about this entire situation:

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