Sunday, October 14, 2012

TWEETS ON RECOVERY BY ZUMA DOGG [What he replaced sick insanity with...]

USED to repost my tweets for the day, in a blog post, for easy catching up. BEEN a while, since anything worth posting. I LIKE the new spirit of Zuma Dogg's tweeting. Hope it's JUST as entertaining/informative. - ZD: 

ZumaDoggI just had the BEST day, MAYBE EVER, in how am I catching myself having completely new/different/chill reactions to SAME DUMB BULLSH*T! :)
Sun Oct 14 - 5:52:24 pm
ZumaDogg@PromisesMalibu I called you, once, to say how helpful/amazing I thought Chris Prentiss' infomercial on his book was. Healing, in itself.
Sun Oct 14 - 5:50:39 pm
ZumaDogg@PromisesMalibu Thanks SO much for reply! I can't believe you saw my tweets. How am I doin'? Used to LIVE w Promises in my 'Bu window view.
Sun Oct 14 - 5:48:39 pm
ZumaDoggRT @PromisesMalibu: @ZumaDogg The door is always open ;)
Sun Oct 14 - 5:46:51 pm
PromisesMalibu@ZumaDogg The door is always open ;)
Sun Oct 14 - 5:35:14 pm
ZumaDogg@NadineCarrier Wow, thanks for follow, cause I see you quote Barry Gibb in your profile. He's my ONLY follow/blessed my life. Did you know?
Sun Oct 14 - 3:49:01 pm
ZumaDoggAlong w #BillRosendahl, being credited, for ZD hoppin' on road to recovery; Council, in general, cause ALL the ZD bad taste=now made me see.
Sun Oct 14 - 3:47:34 pm
ZumaDoggSHARING DEEPEST regret=so not in vein: Biggest thing #BillRosendahl gets ZD credit for, is helping ZD, now, REALLY get on road to recovery.
Sun Oct 14 - 3:43:56 pm
ZumaDoggWhen SRVaughn kicked addiction, he became BIG preacher to help. Regarding my stuff, people don't wanna hear, just want me to walk the talk.
Sun Oct 14 - 3:34:21 pm
ZumaDoggDon't care HOW good I feel, working spiritual program: If I go to Dagwoods w/fresh pizza out=WILL STILL FILP if you pull slice from fridge.
Sun Oct 14 - 3:31:03 pm
ZumaDoggZD holds record for longest steak of L.A. City Council meetings, w/out missing a day. Can add=w/out missing a day of Dagwood's Venice pizza.
Sun Oct 14 - 3:28:14 pm
ZumaDoggSELF-HELP HUMOR: Robbins/Dyer/Chopra/Williamson/ect, all there, just to help you deal w the reality of Stephen Hawking's material. ;)
Sun Oct 14 - 3:25:43 pm
ZumaDoggSince I just quoted a bunch of authors, who r now, once again, helping ZD stay chill=MScottPeck told me, "The only way to stop, is to stop."
Sun Oct 14 - 3:22:46 pm
ZumaDoggNow that I remember em, again, gotta thank @TonyRobbins @DeepakChopra @WayneDyer #NLP #MiltonErickson MWilliamson, SGawain, MSPeck, SHawkins
Sun Oct 14 - 3:20:46 pm
ZumaDoggI WAS crazy: Didn't like/now I REALLY want you to listen to this song by ZD that has my TOTAL message: PFloyd/U2 style:
Sun Oct 14 - 3:15:44 pm
ZumaDoggNEVER tweeted this one, cause vocal mix, but MESSAGE of ZD's recovery=MORE IMPORTANT, NOW=LISTEN: "What You Can Do":
Sun Oct 14 - 3:09:18 pm
ZumaDoggHERE'S the song I need to post. Perhaps some "pitchy" moments, but the SPIRIT/MESSAGE I hope you check: "Sixth Sense"
Sun Oct 14 - 3:02:02 pm
ZumaDoggIf u wonder how/why ZD can be speaking this way, suddenly=w/out Promises/Malibu: Engulfed self w TRobbins/MPeck/WDyer/DChopra/etc thru life.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:57:14 pm
ZumaDoggChiliPeppers have song on addiction called, "Knock Me Down." If ANY of YOU see ZD's tweets heading "too cranky"=say to me, "Where's R&B ZD?"
Sun Oct 14 - 2:53:22 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: I'm FINE having to work on my diagnosed disability, that I see is a true emotional disease, at this point, cause you feel GOOD.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:50:40 pm
ZumaDoggI thought I'd get a good 8 hrs sleep, and wake up=snapped back to old self/"FIXED!" It's like AA/Gambler/etc. Will be managing/rest of life.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:49:13 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Feel like FOOL for losing it ALL, when I had what I wanted=but have to remember mental illness is a disease. On me to deal w, now.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:48:03 pm
ZumaDoggThank you to for putting ZD's remake of "Love Train," on auto-play when you open the URL. Must be REALLY good! ;)
Sun Oct 14 - 2:40:57 pm
ZumaDoggHERE'S THE NEW COVER SONG by ZD, "Love Train," (O'Jays), slightly customized for L.A.: Just click On auto-play.NoClick
Sun Oct 14 - 2:39:15 pm
ZumaDoggWhen I say, "Cause (one) couldn't, like U couldn't," (regarding extreme bad taste), I ASSUME you could NEVER bring yourself to repeat ZD.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:35:03 pm
ZumaDoggRECOVERY: Can stop bad taste=cause u r tryin' not to be "A-hole." #FakeTillMake THEN=U STOP cause u COULDN'T=like U couldn't. #Road2Recovery
Sun Oct 14 - 2:33:47 pm
ZumaDoggYes, tweet below=supposed to be HUMOR, you people who take things too seriously. ZD may be in revelation spirit/doesn't have to lose humor.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:24:22 pm
ZumaDoggP.S.: I don't mind tweeting that the old, blind lady, from ystrdy was NO LOOKER. She'll never see these tweets to know, or I wouldn't have.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:20:04 pm
ZumaDoggThe old, blind lady who I helped find path, ystrdy, didn't remind me of anyone on fashion mag cover, but wanted to KISS her when she smiled!
Sun Oct 14 - 2:19:14 pm
ZumaDoggHERE'S why U try to live "Groundhog's Day." ZD helped old blind lady find her path, ystrdy. When her cane hit familiar wall=smile LIT me up.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:16:11 pm
ZumaDoggRosendahl told me, last year, he wanted 3rd term, to make a "difference" on some things, still. I said, "You have to resign to do that." LOL
Sun Oct 14 - 2:13:12 pm
ZumaDoggI'm gonna go outside and enjoy CALIFORNIA SUN! I USED to (try) to live each day like BMurrary, "Groundhog's Day." FEELS SO GOOD. BACK TO IT.
Sun Oct 14 - 2:05:10 pm
ZumaDoggI said, "When you 2 got here=you looked sketchy/made people nervous/didn't think you'd last here, long. I noticed, lately, you look GOOD!"
Sun Oct 14 - 2:02:52 pm
ZumaDoggSaw couple roll into Venice months ago. Sketchy=made ZD/others nervous. NOW=they looked well-adjusted. Told them I notice. They appreciated!
Sun Oct 14 - 2:00:07 pm
ZumaDoggI got 1,900 followers, probably wondering, "Why the HELL is ZD tweeting THIS stuff." But u followed me when I was tweeting sick stuff. Sorry
Sun Oct 14 - 1:55:16 pm
ZumaDoggGonna write a novel. Went undercover in 2012, portraying a guy who sinks to lowest taste levels, to see if entire world can be pushed away.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:53:13 pm
ZumaDogg1st Amendment: U can call elected officials, "Dumb, ugly, cheating, short/giant human waste," 24/7/365. But would YOU want to? NotAGoodFeel
Sun Oct 14 - 1:50:35 pm
ZumaDoggAfter Peter was bit/got Spidey-senses/had to adjust=see they take you down, if used in wrong spirit. 1stAmend gave ZD same issue to work on.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:46:06 pm
ZumaDoggOH NO! I just realized: The only way I can live (literally) is if I live as a mere mortal, like all else, as PART of society. Hello, humans!
Sun Oct 14 - 1:42:03 pm
ZumaDoggIt's just a NIGHTMARE: The guy who thought he had BIGGEST/BEST larger than life image=just realized cause he's covering for low self esteem.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:40:26 pm
ZumaDoggWHAT IS IT ABOUT US HIGH PITCHED MALE VOCALISTS?: Steve Perry said he never felt embraced as member of Journey by other members. LOL #Esteem
Sun Oct 14 - 1:39:41 pm
ZumaDoggNever knew MEANING of "low self esteem": When you should be HAPPY in your persona/skin, when functional adults should. ZD=outsider syndrome.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:37:49 pm
ZumaDoggNever realized "low self esteem" MEANING. ZD had nice/well-liked/public image=as strived/hoped. Then, focused only on "half empty" life.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:36:15 pm
LACityNewsOFFICIAL RELEASE: "Love Train" - Zuma Dogg (Cover of O'Jays 70's Classic) LISTEN HERE
Sun Oct 14 - 1:25:02 pm
ZumaDoggI feel sorry for Venice/SaMo community. ZD is out of "Illegal Sign Removal" business. Not just, "fakin' till making"=Doesn't bother me, now.
Sun Oct 14 - 1:23:05 pm

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