Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hip-Hop Beat Player: Stream Beats in Embedded Player, like XM Music Stream:

MUSIC PLAYER: 100 "beats" (instrumental music, singers and rappers use to put original lyrics over), but sound GREAT as a music stream like and XM station. Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B/Dance/Electronic/Club) -- with a lot of "chill" holiday feeling music. Basically, the music stream I created, for myself to listen to. Hope you dig this stream:

This player at

LISTEN FOR FREE=ALL 20 of these beats for $4.99: HIP-hop/Pop/R&B instrumental "beats," for YOUR Holiday parties/listening. ENJOY LISTENING FOR FREE! Can stream these 20, plus more in "Finer Beats" player, below. Click here for EZ-use player & link to get all 20 hip-hop/pop/r&b instrumental "beats" for $4.99. (A way to support @ZumaDogg and all his blogs -- while getting WAY MORE than you get on iTunes. LISTEN to these songs! Can be ALL YOURS! Rappers/Singers=U can rap/sing on these beats, too. Plus, listen as instrumentals. You can stream these beats, and more in the embedded player, below.

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