Friday, December 28, 2012

NEW: SMASH HIT by @ZumaDogg - "Start Up The Show" (Produced by Incomprable @JStaffz/GET TO KNOW HIM, LOS ANGELES!!!)

[PICTURED: ZD's "Start Up The Show" music producer, J Staffz (@JStaffz) The new #1 Stunna!]
ZD's Incomparable Producer J Staffz.
"Start Up The Show!" by @ZumaDogg (About March 05, 2013 L.A. City Elections.)

"Start Up The Show!": First of all, GOTTA thank @JStaffz, up-front, cause this song NEVER coulda happened, without his hit-music production. If you know ZD, takes about 2 seconds to think it's "custom produced" for Mr. Dogg. (Especially, THESE days.) The music, itself, sounds like a nutball parade, marchin' down the street (like in ZD's "One Man Parade" video on this blog, put to song.) And, what is more NUTTY than the parade of insanity, marching all over L.A, Aka: "Los Angeles City 2013 Elections." So like the chocolate and peanut butter of a Resses PeaNUT Butter Cup; or Snoop & Dre, he's Zuma Dogg, produced by J Staffz, with the POLITICAL ANTHEM about L.A. City Elections (Aka: Union installations of their empty-suit puppets/sociopath incumbents) -- here's, "Start Up The Show." The non-revolution of this March 05, 2013 Union installation will be televised at

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